As soon as your little one starts crawling, your home needs a lot of changes. An adult-friendly home can be hazardous for kids. Broken doors, open cabinets, medicine boxes, and much needs to be improved for a child-safe home. Once your babies start crawling, not only they need ample space but safe floor space to move around freely. It’s hard to control or restrict them to a particular space. The home interior designers in Bangalore suggests that most of the new mom’s are confident that their home is childhood, but that’s not always true. 

Nearly every home with kids have something that’s not good for children, and that’s how mishappenings occur. You can’t expect the kids to ignore and avoid certain things the way adults do. They need proper assistance in the home. You can’t be around them every second, and that’s why you need a childproof home to rest assured even when you are not with the baby. Here, in this writeup, we have covered a few tips you can follow for childproofing your home. 

Mount your TV

Kids won’t let you watch a show until the front buttons aren’t out their reach. Either install a guard or mount the TV if possible. They can also try to climb the appliance and make it fall over them when it’s down there. Mounting it up keeps you free from the tension. 

Make Sure The Photo Frames Are High Enough 

The photographs hold thousands of memories, and that’s why we pick some precious ones from the treasure of memories to hang in frames. They look great but can be hazardous if your kid handles it. Kids can get scratches on their bodies with a few rough corners. Since they try to lick everything, they might get cuts in mouth from the edges of the frames. 

Medicine Box Is For Adults

The interior designers in bangalore suggest that medicinal happenings are most common among toddlers. Medications of elders are like poison for them, and that can even lead to death if they consume those medicines. Keep the box on higher shelves. You can also keep the medicine box locked in a drawer if the box itself is hard to open.

Matchsticks And Other Inflammatory Materials Should Be Out Of Their Reach

Matchsticks, lamps, lighter, and whatever you use to fire things can be highly dangerous for your little one. First of all, buy the safest things for every purpose. Second, keep them all at one place that too out of reach of kids. Don’t take the risk of putting in a lower drawer and locking, climb it to the highest shelf. 

Cover Power Strip 

Exposed power strips are one of the most dangerous hazards your kid could encounter. It is not even safe for adults, let alone kids. Kids can get power shock by putting their little fingers inside the holes for plugs. Either keep them hidden with the help of furniture or get a power strip cover. 

Don’t Let The Toys Be Everywhere

Playing with kids, we forget that toys shouldn’t be everywhere. Some harsh corners can scratch your baby’s legs while they walk. You can buy a toy place for your kid that has space for your baby to sit and play. You can supervise while the kid is playing, and choking hazards could be prevented. 

Glass Made Things Are Evenly Finished

If you have a glass table as suggested by luxury interior designers in Yelahanka, check it and make sure all the edges are finished evenly. Glass corners are harmful to kids because they can get scratched over their heads, hands, or faces while trying to stand with the support of the table. 

Make The Crib A Safe Place 

Most of us feel that soft toys should be part of the baby bed because it prevents the baby from feeling alone. But, these toys can also be suffocating. The child can even suffocate in the crib, and that’s why it is better to get the child out if crib once he/she can move. Because, in the process of getting out, they stuck somewhere and feel suffocated. 

Make Windows Safe 

Lower windows can be a thing of risk for your baby. First of all, try to install windows that are high for kids. If you can’t change that. Install window guards to make them safe for your baby. Also, the window blinds must be cordless. Children get their neck covered and cut with the blind cord. 

Make Sure Furniture Is Standing Firm – Take help of interior designers

The furniture in the home, especially a dresser, can fall on the kid if it is not standing firmly. Make sure all of the furniture touches walls so that they have good support. 

Keep Your Kitchen Gated

An open kitchen invites so many accidents. The kids can turn on stove, oven, open the refrigerator, get stuck in cabinets, and much more. Keeping your kitchen locked keeps these things away from the reach of kids. You can also install guards for the stove, and manage other stuff according to stuff, but a gate can prevent nearly half of the issues in one go. 

Lock Your Cabinetry 

Keeping your cabinetry locked is a great way of preventing a lot of mishappenings. Kids can find anything choking in the drawers and cabinets, and you are only left to regret once such things happen. 

Cover Your Taps And Faucets 

Kids love water more than anything. They will turn on the tap, fill a bucket of the tub, and try to bathe. The process is dangerous, that much water is enough to drown a little kid. So, the villa and apartment interior designers in Bangalore suggest keeping the taps and faucets of the bathroom and other areas locked. 

Improve Your Door Locking System

Kids stuck themselves in the room by locking doors. First of all, remove auto-locking as soon as you shut the door. Then the height of the lock must be out of reach of kids. Now, even if a kid closes the door or locks himself in, there should be a way to open it from the outside.