We have almost adopted British culture, from schooling techniques to the clothes we wear. Nowadays we follow a trend combining the Indian culture with modern culture. If this is the situation prevailing then why not builds a interior design that amazes people with ethnicity, class and elegance. A British style house is quite difficult to find in India but yes if you want one you can build one. A British style interior décor mostly complies with a modern house. The beauty of these houses is that every element exists only for a purpose, in a proper setting. The vibrant and dynamic decor of the house forms an essential role in making a hollow structure into the house. Not always a modern structure can comply with a home. Many times vintage interior decor also looks magnificent in a Traditional home. Another characteristic of British houses is the high ceilings and tall windows that are made along with carved mantles.

Color palette – generally a British house consists of 3-4 colors to make the room feel attractive and cozy. No color dominates the room; it is a blend of bright and smooth colors. People prefer having romantic patterns along with floral patterns, with major domination of red. You interior design can have large cages, coffee tables, abstract art to magnify the colors you use.

Textiles – In a British cultured house, you might notice leather sofas along with fabric and lace curtains, these curtains can be found in floral prints, polka dot patterns or made up of stripes. All of these elements of interior design can either be combined in one room, to make the room look versatile.Decor –When we talk about the interior decor of classical English houses, the first thing that strikes is the Victorian furniture that is made up of dark and light tones of wood. It can be painted to make it look antique. The interior design mainly includes tables, bookshelves, dressers made up of oak, pine or redwood. Handles and drawers of these rooms can be made up of brass. Apart from this in your living room, you can have low sofa settings, which is again an interesting element of British inspired houses. Massive hangings, cabinets, built-in bookshelves, straw baskets, photo frames, Handy objects mark the significance of British houses. Well, if this is not an easy job for you, just Google best interior designer near me.

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Light-most of the British houses has soft, diffused light rather than a main source of light. You can have ceiling lights, small lamps, floor lamp, table lamp, wall lamps to brighten up your mood. If this does not attract you, you can have candles with amazing gold plated candlesticks.Apart from this, there are various other elements like carpets, golden decoration items, English style tiles, furniture with curved legs, pillows , flooring with different and unique patterns, wallpaper and lamps inspired by floral patterns, large mirrors can be used in your house. It is always advised to use furniture that can be easily polished and painted, to renew the look. Apart from this have sofas and chair covers to make things look unique and engaging. An essential about these British houses is photo frames with their family pictures.

The fireplace is ideally one of the most important interior design elements of a British house. People prefer red fireplace, well in today’s time it is difficult to make a fireplace in India especially because of the weather conditions. You can have an electronic fireplace. Make sure that your fireplace complements your furniture. You can have soft wool rugs just to make the atmosphere a bit cozy and comfortable, along with coffee tables and bed like fittings.

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Chesterfield Sofa was a trend mark by the English style houses. This takes us back to the 18th century when the houses looked modern, luxurious and trendy. This is a green, a dark chocolate color so far that becomes a point of attraction in everybody’s living room. To know more about this you can contact the best interior designers in Bangalore.

If you are thinking to build a modern style British house then you cannot avoid having an exotic library. A library where you have an amazing collection of books, a room that separates you from the whole world. This can include a wooden rack, simply built to keep all your books and accessories. You can comply it with a very cozy sofa, center table and side table to make you feel relaxed. Have many cushions in the room, so that you can easily spend most of the time in your library.

You might have seen old English movies that had a fireplace and an armchair. English style room, comfortable in luxurious always has Printed armchairs made up of very thick fabric. Natural and subtle prints and colors can be used to build such armchair.

The English style kitchen or a modular kitchen, an old fashion yet cozy modern kitchen and one of the best places to socialize. These kitchens have ceiling beams and arched doorways. Does that seem amazing? Yes, it is, these kitchens follow the minimum principle, which just has essentials. Imagine having a large gateway that allows you to cross your modular kitche by the best modular kitchen manufacturer in Bangalore and land up in the open space to have a cup of coffee. You can use colors like light yellow, green, light grey and various other pistol shades.

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Canopies, curtains, kitchen towels, tablecloth all can be made up of bright colors. Relying on the material to use in your modular kitchen, it is always preferred to use high-quality material including natural stone, marble or wood. Not only can this, just like a cherry on the top, but you also use expensive gilded fittings to make your cookhouse look adorable. Cupboards and cabinets can be made through an antique interior design, to display beautiful modular kitchen accessories. Glass cabinet can be made along with open shelves, wooden baskets, old teapots, antique cutlery and Chinese dishes. Not only this, but you can also have copper pods, traditional tea pods, antique kitchen utensils, old jugs, kitchen gardens and farms to support your British style house. You would require one of the best modular kitchen dealers in Bangalore, to meet your expectation of having a British house.

Bedrooms and ideal bedroom is designed in a British style would have beautifully carved interior decor. It may include accessories made up of natural wood. You can have curtains with drapes, bed sheets with intensive embroideries, a cluster of pillows, and any other element that makes your room extremely comfortable to live.

Finally, just to give a modern touch to your room you can have recliners in your room. You can even have recliners in your living room. The English style living room means having a dinner table in the middle of the space and a couch along-with it. The bookshelves, which often cover the whole height and width of the wall, are an important item to remember. The furniture includes an array of accessories: cushions, openwork napkins, items made from porcelain. The British like the colors, white, deep red and beige.

This was all about having a British house. If you add all the small details in your house, it would start looking like a British house. Well, if you are unable to make such a house on your own, you always have interior designers to rely on. Just make sure that you follow some essentials of having an English house like library , cozy setting, various potted plants, Floral prints, minimalistic kitchen, farmhouse table and wooden furniture. All of these mark the elegance of your house, make sure that these interiors from the best of the house