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Don’t Make These Seven Stupid Home Renovation Mistakes

If you’re planning to give your home a new look, you are at the right place. Home renovation is a tricky subject for most of us; we are not experts, after all! To have a beautiful home, you will have to invest your time and energy in the whole process, but it will be worth it.

You might need clarification on how much money you should spend and evaluate your options according to your budget. A standard budget can only work for some. Depending on your preferences, the cost varies for everyone. Affordable interior decorators help you make the right decision and choose from the best options available.

You should ideally hire someone to renovate your home. A professional team with significant experience will make the renovation process easier and more affordable for you. With their expertise, they can bring your dreams to reality. But before you begin the home renovation process, you should visualize how you want your home to look. And when you are sure of the look and vibe of your home, look out for these seven stupid mistakes that many people make. Renovating too soon:

Renovating too soon:

Apartment interior designers advocate that you should live in your home for some time before starting the renovation process. If you have lived in your home for some time, it’s a good indicator to begin investing in the renovation. The reason why you should live before you renovate is simple. You should know the home flow, the tiny details we often miss out on. For example, you should know where you put the groceries and the laundry, where the sun hits at particular times of the day, which places need more ventilation, etc.

After the renovation, you can only make significant changes to the storage options. You can only change something about the ventilation by investing significant money. It’s better to know these things beforehand.

Underestimating the costs:

Home interior design requires some investment in terms of time and money. Most people underestimate the cost of the renovation. If you manually estimate the costs, divide it into parts, and take the rough figures. Also, add 20% extra.

If you are short on money, cut the job back and choose more affordable alternatives. Luxury interior designers will guarantee that they don’t choose the most expensive options for their projects; they choose luxurious elements and designs. It doesn’t have a lot to do with money.

Keeping the plan flexible:

It’s essential to make a plan, but it’s even more important to make a flexible plan. When building something from scratch, everything goes according to the plan without significant deviations. On the other hand, the process of renovation and the outcome may be different than what you had planned initially. There are a lot of unexpected and unforeseen events that can alter your initial plan. Be flexible and try to accommodate unforeseen events to achieve the best outcome. An expert will help you to do this most efficiently.

Hiring the wrong team:

You should not take any risks regarding home renovation or home interior design. Please review the reviews of the team you want to hire and consult them to discuss your plan and budget. Check if they have worked on projects similar to yours. It will ensure that you hire a credible team to renovate your home. Instead of fumbling over “interior design near me,” Speak to your friends and family and ask for recommendations.

Choosing cheap options:

You can select the most expensive interior designers or options within your price range, but the price only sometimes implies quality. Always hire a team that will provide you with good quality services. Hiring the cheapest villa interior designers is a big NO. If their service charges are below the market standard, it may be due to poor service, bad reputation, or lack of experience. Check out the market standards and see if their previous work matches your expectations. Similarly, choose decorative elements, materials, and other things per your budget but make sure they are of good quality.
Choosing cheap options will give you a different look than you desire. They may need to be more durable to be in good shape for some time.

Ask more questions:

Before hiring a team, ask them questions. There are no questions that are stupid or useless. Since you’re spending money renovating your home, you should be clear regarding the process or the outcome.
For example, ask your apartment interior designers questions on how to maximize the storage and how you can make your space look big. Similarly, if you are renovating your home to look more luxurious, ask them how you can enhance the aesthetic appearance and utilities

Buying furniture beforehand:

Your plan should be flexible and making significant purchases before time is not a good idea. Surely there will be unforeseen circumstances, and your purchases may be a waste of money. It is a common mistake many people make: they buy furniture well ahead of time: and the furniture and the look they want to become contradictory to one another.
Refrain from making frequent changes and stick to the initial plan. After the execution is in process, buy furniture and decorative elements gradually. It will not put a burden on your pocket, either. The size of the furniture and decorative elements should be proportionate to the other elements of interior design. The best way to ensure it is distinct is to make purchases when required.


At Magnon, you don’t have to worry about getting a perfect modular kitchen or having the home of your dreams. As they said, hire the right people to do your work. If you hire an experienced team, you will not have to stress about anything. The experts will guide you to avoid making any stupid mistakes. They will inform and educate you throughout the process so it’s convenient for both of you and you get the home you always wanted. So what are you waiting for?