If your kitchen seems ordinary and boring, consider a kitchen renovation for a brand-new look. In fact, there are a few new kitchen design ideas that will immediately transform your room into a well-designed and stylish heaven. Kitchen is the soul of your home and deserves to be designed with great attention to detail and Magnon Interior Designers are the Best Modular Kitchen Designers in Bangalore.

Best Modular Kitchen Designers in Bangalore.

Oftentimes, when renovating a room, the focal point is forgotten. But it is the focal point that should be a main focus. Naturally, your eyes will follow lines and shapes. The lines of a kitchen include the walls, countertops, cabinetry and even the molding details. The focal point is where tour eyes take you when you enter the room. The most classic focal point in the kitchen is the cooking area and its accessories such as the hood, backsplash or surrounding woodwork. A more modern kitchen focal point would be a striking wall of windows or a custom armoire with a built-in refrigerator.

Think Functionality First

Consider all the functional aspects of the kitchen first before you add decorative items. Storage is a main priority when it comes to functionality. Another priority is the workspace. You will not be able to add all the features into the limited space that you can add to a larger kitchen, so you must include the features you want the most first in the plans and then branch out from there.

Open up the Space

Open up the space when possible by placing an opening in one of the walls or removing a wall if it is not a major support for the house. Of course, you must consider the presence of electrical wiring or plumbing before proceeding.

White or Light Color’s

Using white or light colors with the features, walls and even appliances will provide the illusion of space. You can add dark colors as accents. A wide assortment of ideas is available for since you can install white subway tiles as splash backs, pale yellow cabinetry and white countertops just for three examples. You could opt for a light wood stain such as oak in the cabinetry colour in place of the pale yellow when you prefer the wood grain to show through as an extra decorative touch.

Considering all these aspects, Magnon Interior Designers, design the kitchen interiors with these key points and all the kitchen equipment’s will be placed in a way where the person cooking can easily use all the items especially micro wave oven, refrigerator, stove, dish washer and grinder due to which the cooking will be done at a faster rate and it results in time saving.