Modular kitchen is a set of all compartments (Drawers, cabinets, racks, shelves, etc.) which you can readily buy it & install at your kitchen. These sets come with different styles, shapes & sizes depending on your requirement & based on your kitchen size. Magnon India helps to get your Kitchen designed to the latest Modular Kitchen and we have 1000+ designs which you can have a look and implement accordingly and we stand as the Best Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore.

Best Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore.

In modular kitchen you can find out lots of features which made to cook easiest for you. Not having its own quality, the cost of modular kitchen is low as compared with custom made kitchen. The easy going to installation & the requirement of maintenance is also not too much required. Basically, a modular kitchen is a layout with pre-manufactured modules or parts for effective and efficient use of the space provided in the kitchen.

Its layout and design will completely depend upon the available space in your kitchen. For modular kitchen you don’t need to think about the space, either small space or large space its suit for every size of kitchen. Because Best Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore – Magnon India who provide the facility of getting your Kitchen designed with all the latest equipment’s  having lots of features so according to your need you can make it. It’s a pre-built cabinet part and these parts only have to be installed.

When planning your new kitchen decor, one of the most enjoyable aspects is selecting the color scheme to include such items as cabinets, counter tops, back splash and flooring. However, many homeowners are hesitant to make final color plan decisions for their kitchen interiors, feeling somewhat inadequate to choose an attractive theme focused on combining varied colors and tones.

The difference between modular kitchens and locally made ones is comparable to the difference between designer wear and clothing stitched by your neighborhood tailor. Modular Kitchen Designs have revolutionized the Kitchen Decor all over the world. Designs of Modular Kitchen look organized as well as offer ample storage by optimizing the available space.

Kitchen is a place where we end up with trials of cooking. The term `modular ‘means that your kitchen is made up of several modules or units. And if there’s any damage, then only that one unit has to be repaired or replaced. In addition, modular kitchen manufacturers all over the world make their units or modules in the same standard sizes.

For this reason, all professional home renovation companies either hire or consult with color specialists when forming their companies so they can rely on expert advice for updating kitchen color schemes for their customers.Best Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore – Magnon India. It is important to realize that choosing an appealing color combination for new kitchen decor that will not become tiresome or boring over time may require the knowledge and advice of a professional colorist or an interior designer with an excellent training and experience in selecting attractive kitchen color schemes.

A modular kitchen serves these purposes. Some of the advantages of fitting a modular kitchen are as follows:

Easy to assemble:

One of the best features of a modular kitchen is that it can be easily assembled. Modular kitchens offer you the flexibility to practically shift the entire kitchen when you move house. Additionally, you can get a part of the kitchen altered or repaired at any point of time, without having to worry about it affecting the other parts.


Magnon India famous for modular kitchens are designed with a focus on customer needs. Depending on your taste, available space and personal preferences, you can get your kitchen customized. You can color coordinate your kitchen or go for a design that contrasts with the theme of your house. While this allows you to personalize your kitchen, it also helps you work within the limits of your budget.

Space Savers:

The shelves within a modular kitchen enable you to save a lot of space. In some kitchens, you will notice shelves in small corners or tiny spaces, while some they are designed to hang on doors. This type of kitchen also allows you to fit appliances along the wall or shelves.  Such features are a boon for small apartments.


Traditionally, homeowners hired carpenters to design their kitchens at home itself. This approach is not just time consuming, but it also causes a great deal of inconvenience to the household. Modular kitchens, on the other hand, are made in factories and are then fitted in your house. When you place an order with Magnon India – Best Modular Kitchen Dealers in Bangalore, you can expect to have the kitchens installed at your home within a month.