Best Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore living room designs support many activities, including conversation, reading and viewing television. Locate luminaries near places where reading or other visually demanding tasks will be done. Use table or floor lamps, which can be relocated as the furniture arrangement changes. Get your Living Room designed by the Best Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore – Magnon India.

Best Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore.

The living room is the most important part of any house. This is the place where all outsiders sit. It is the first thing your guests notice when they first meet you. So, it has to be presentable and tidy. Not only that, your living room speaks about you a lot. It will attract guests and friends. Therefore, it has to be better and attractive and make you look social. You can modify your living room according to your choice of theme-based ideas and innovations. Living rooms need not be very spacious. They have to be compact and rightly organized. For any queries regarding the designing of the Living Room Space contact Magnon India – Best Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore.

For watching television, use low-level ambient lighting. Locate the television so that the images of light sources, including windows, are not reflected from the television screen into the eyes of the viewer. For greater viewing comfort, avoid windows or bright lamps and luminaires on the wall directly behind the television. Switch lamps separately in a living room with a television, or use dimmers to reduce ambient light when there are no other simultaneous visual tasks such as reading.

Living rooms may also have artwork on the walls. Avoid direct sunlight on paintings, prints and drawings to reduce fading. To highlight artwork, use accent lighting or wall washing techniques.One of the Best Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore – Magnon India. Position the lamp to avoid reflected glare, especially for shiny surfaces or glass covered artworks. Locate low-wattage lamps close to the artwork to save energy while maintaining illumination. However, do not locate them so close that they would discolor or burn the artwork.

 To reveal texture and form on sculptures, try lighting one side of the form more than the other to create shadows. Switch the artwork luminaires separately to avoid long exposure to light on sensitive artwork. Plants have special lighting requirements that can be met economically and efficiently in the home. A simple system of linear fluorescent lamps, position able luminaires, and a timer can be integrated into shelving, display cabinets, or free-standing benches.

So here, interior decorators have some hacks and designs for your living room that will make your home appear nice and pleasant.

  1. A Portrait Gallery: Instead of wallpapers, you can use three- dimensional collection of portraits as wall coverings. Many interior designers like this trend. For good effect, you can use unexpected touches like a modern stainless-steel mobile or a stone garden.
  2. A vintage fireplace: For people who want to give a cozy look to their living place, the vintage fireplace is necessary to have. You can use antique metal piece over the fireplace of your choice and color. This makes the living room come alive. Book lovers can enjoy good books with coffee in the upholstery or couch of their choice. Rugs and mats complete the whole look.
  3. Reading nooks Carve out a moment of solitude in the living room to catch a little reading time. Placing a cozy chair over to a window or next to a bookshelf is a great idea. Providing ample light for late-night page turning, it sounds heavenly

For further queries related to the designing of the Living Room contact Magnon India – Best Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore.