Before actually starting in your home with home automation, it’s important to understand how it works. Home automation helps you control the appliances in your home with the help of a remote. You get the whole system of your home at your fingertips.Home automation adds style as well as functionality to a home, and that’s how it creates terrific interiors. Apartments like Prestige Falcon City where our experts has worked on many interior designing projects is an excellent example of a peaceful and relaxed ambiance created with the help of home automation.

With home automation, you can control the climate in your home, music systems, lighting, and even blinds and drapes with the hell of your mobile or any other similar device. Isn’t it all fascinating? You want to adjust your lighting and don’t want to get out of your comfy bed? Don’t worry; home automation has got it all covered on your mobile phone only.

Appliances At Your Bay

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Home automation makes it possible for you to operate your home appliances even when you are busy working in your office. Isn’t it suffocating that your favorite food is getting spoiled in the refrigerator because you forget to turn on the switch? You might not turn the fridge button off regularly, but it can happen sometimes.

Same is the case with other appliances as well. With home automation, you can check which of your devices are on the job. After testing, you can decide which you want to turn off. You don’t need to rush home or feel frustrated thinking that your appliances are working for no practical use. Your mobile phone will work as a personal assistant, sitting with you, and working at home.

Control The Heat

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Smart thermostats are one of the best features to save the maximum possible every in a home. The thermostat adjusts itself according to the temperature of the room. It can automatically turn off when not required and turn on when the room temperature needs to be maintained. Isn’t it fascinating? It can track that no one is there is to get benefitted from the device, and then it can turn itself off. So, your home not only gets smarter but eco-friendly as well.

Concealed TVs And Speaker

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With the technology becoming wider and spreading at a fast rate, the size of appliances is shrinking proportionally. Flat-screen and thin TVs available in the market are sleek enough to be concealed into walls, and their lightweight works as a cherry on the cake.

Speakers, switchboards, amplifiers, and other equipment can also be installed in the walls, giving you flat and gorgeous looking walls. Use face plates to cover the outlets, and your home goes smart without spending much.

Set The Mood With Media Controls

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You can install the media devices in the wall, but you want that sensation and sound out in your room. Your home interior designer in Bangalore will adjust the location of furniture in such a way that you will have the best TV watching experience. Believe me; you will be surprised to see how even the color of your drapes and texture of your bed sheet can change the mood immediately. This is what interior decorators are meant for.

Control Your Lighting

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Can you believe it? You can set the colorful lighting in your room in no time. Want to study and have some bright light, and you can control with your phone. Want to create a romantic atmosphere for the night dinner, and you have the key to everything in your hands.

The interior designers will use LED lighting to create a spectrum of color which you can lit up whenever you want to create a new mood. You can change between pops of color as per your requirement. Don’t know how? The designers will tell you everything you just need to press some buttons, and those lovely red and blue lights will set a dancing mood in the room.

Security Controls

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Getting a rustic Barnwood door is your choice as decor, but your mind says you want something smart as well. Don’t worry, just like our designers did some smart things in Mantri Serenity, you can ask someone to do at your home as well.

With a remote control system, you can turn your CCTV’s one if they aren’t. You can also check if your front door is locked or not and that’s the biggest security issue. Forgetting your front door open means you are on the urge of losing something big.

Manage Your Irrigation System

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You have a garden, and you want it to grow healthy. You set an automatic watering system, and it works best. But, you can’t manage it with your busy work schedule, and that’s where you need home automation. Your mobile phone will help you turn your irrigation system off when you think the garden would have got enough water. No water wastage and no over watering to plants which would have been harmful to your little saplings if not controlled.

Home automation has got some of the smartest benefits and incorporating them with your lovely interior designs is the real art. Only professional designers can complete the look without making it look absurd and without limiting your benefits. Do you know you can have automatic blinds as well? Search, and you will see how they work.