Magnon India is among the most respected interior Designer in Bangalore. Magnon specializes in exclusive Residential Interiors. Our senior designers are authors in journals and more popular in all and read blog on Home Interiors in India. Check out our blog pages for regular update on Design, Tips, Themes on Home Interiors in India. Our Interior Designers in Bangalore has the depth of knowledge that has allowed them to undertake a wide variety of projects with varying budgets and divergent levels of specification and intensity. Magnon is renowned for their turnkey integrated Lifestyle design. Magnon expertly manage the entire process from conception through to completion.

Magnon is a One-Stop-Shop for End-to-End Interiors in Bangalore. We use the latest design in furniture, Fabrics, wall coverings and accessories alongside delivering effective solutions from Concept through Completion. Each design project undertaken by Magnon – Interior Designers in Bangalore is individually tailored to a specific client.

Types of Tables for your Home

Shopping to enrich your home can be upsetting in any case (you adored it in the store, however at this point it looks– different– in your living room or lounge area), and attempting to comprehend the reason and purpose of such huge numbers of various table...

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Types Of Marble And Stones For Flooring.

Marble is a beautiful stone gifted by nature. After proper finishing, it can be changed into beautiful flooring. You can find a vast range of varieties of stones and marbles in different colors. Marble stones are not only one of the best building material, but the...

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Backyard Decor Ideas

Being an owner of a backyard or garden is no less than a blessing and gives you an ample number of options to beautify it. Moving ahead of beautifying task, you can always get to have some personal space outside your house to chill out to lighten up your mood. Not...

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Advantages of using Kitchen Cabinets.

The kitchen cabinet is most important part of your kitchen. The kitchen is an essential piece of a home that needs consideration in its creation and remolding. It is a zone of high-traffic. The kitchen space should be composed and kept up well to suit the structure...

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Vastu Tips for Pooja Room

Each house has an alternate zone utilized for various reason. One of the critical territories in any house is a zone of serenity which is known as a pooja room. As per vastu, this zone is best appropriate for pooja (supplication) room. This is a spot that conveys us...

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Choosing the Right Wardrobe for your Bedroom

Is it true that you are hoping to locate the best choice accessible to you for picking the wardrobe for your bedroom? You should realize that there are such a large number of structures out there that you can browse. Interior Designers in Bangalore You will most...

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Mistakes to avoid while designing your Bedroom.

So, you've at long last begun giving your bedroom a suitable update. Just, since you have gone deep in somewhere down in stylistic theme motivation, you understand you ought to have arranged somewhat better before you swam in. What next? Home Decorators in Bangalore...

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How To Make Your Home Energy Efficient?

We are living in a technology-driven world where we have all the comforts at one click. Smart technologies, smart transportation, smart shopping, stylish living, and efficient apps make it so much comfortable for us. Home Interior Designers in Bangalore Still, not...

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Interior Design and Home Decorating Ideas

For the people who recently moved into another house, there are various decisions to make it look wonderful by the suggestions of the Top Interior Designers in Bangalore – Magnon Interiors. House ought to dependably take after an uncovered and clean canvas. Within...

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Tips for choosing the perfect flooring to your house.

The correct flooring will add incredible excitement to the whole room. The main thing in the home is more numbers of our visitor's notice is our flooring. What's more, if not done properly, the primary thing that demonstrates its wear and detaches from every single...

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Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas

 Teenager Girl's Bedroom Ideas – Beyond a space to rest, teenager young ladies characterize a room as a spot where they can express their sentiments, emotions, stress and they try to keep their room very colorful. At the point when guardians were going discover a few...

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