Magnon India is among the most respected interior Designer in Bangalore. Magnon specializes in exclusive Residential Interiors. Our senior designers are authors in journals and more popular in all and read blog on Home Interiors in India. Check out our blog pages for regular update on Design, Tips, Themes on Home Interiors in India. Our Interior Designers in Bangalore has the depth of knowledge that has allowed them to undertake a wide variety of projects with varying budgets and divergent levels of specification and intensity. Magnon is renowned for their turnkey integrated Lifestyle design. Magnon expertly manage the entire process from conception through to completion.

Magnon is a One-Stop-Shop for End-to-End Interiors in Bangalore. We use the latest design in furniture, Fabrics, wall coverings and accessories alongside delivering effective solutions from Concept through Completion. Each design project undertaken by Magnon – Interior Designers in Bangalore is individually tailored to a specific client.

Latest Kitchen Interior Design Ideas to be considered.

Kitchen is regularly viewed as a room or a spot inside a house which is frequently utilized to cook and planning of nourishment. In this way, kitchen in prominent apparently is furnished with stove, sink having supply of both cold and high temp water, a fridge, and a...

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Ingenious, space saving furniture ideas and designs.

These days, the expansion in the costs of land has made the living spaces littler and constrained. In such a case, it expects inventiveness to ensure that you use the spaces legitimately. There are various manners by which you can save the space in rooms, kitchens,...

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7 Skills You Require To Become An Interior Designer.

The most important things that come to our mind when we hear the word an interior designer is creativity and management skills. An interior decorator is expected to have an artistic bent of mind with innovative skills and the ability to create something out of the...

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Luxury Master Bedroom Design Ideas.

Luxurious regarding solace and style, the impression of extravagance may vary from individual to individual. For example, a moderate style might be depicted as current and luxurious by a few, however others may think that its exposed and grim. Top Interior Designers...

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Everything You Should Know About Metal Furniture.

Furniture made with metal parts like aluminum, iron and stainless steel is metal furniture. Steel and iron are broadly used for office furnishing and outdoor arrangement. Cast iron is known for its weightlessness and harshness. It is mostly used for exterior...

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Simple/Cost-Effective hacks to decorate your Living Room.

With regards to embellishing or revamping to improve your lounge/living room, a great deal of us make a stride back in view of the amount it costs. We all desire to have a rich and tasteful style. Regardless we can't legitimize exploding every one of our funds over...

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Decorating Ideas for Kitchen Counter-tops.

Kitchen countertops are a noteworthy element of any kitchen plan, and once you've settled on the sort of counters you'll consolidate into your structure, the work is nearly done—yet not exactly. Realizing how to design kitchen counters will enable you to enhance your...

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Innovative Ideas for Wall Decor.

Is your space all set up with the ideal furnishings? Do you live in a cutting-edge tract home with huge, outlandish walls to fill? It is safe to say that you are experiencing difficulty choosing what size or sort of wall stylistic layout to pick or how to hang...

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Modern Curtain Design Ideas for Living Room.

Adorning with window decorations can be a staggering procedure. In any case, when you've discovered the correct one, they can have a noteworthy effect and draw together a whole look. While choosing a curtain or drapery, consider work before style. Best Interior...

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Floor Plan mistakes and how to avoid them in your house?

Building another house is such an energizing chance and it's anything but difficult to escape with the house structure and embellishing components and ignore a portion of the better components to the floor plan. Oversights in the format of your home can be expensive,...

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Designing a luxurious bathroom.

How much time do you spend in your bathroom? The minutes or hours doesn't matter, But probably for many of us bathroom is more than just a room for bath, It is also a place where we get some alone time to relax, wash off the stress or get ready to gain more energy....

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Ideas about Kitchen designs to Inspire the Heart of Home.

 The prevalence of measured kitchen in India is flourishing step by step and this has inspired numerous people to pick this pattern and makes their kitchen progressively wonderful and available. Nowadays, the business sectors are overwhelmed with different kinds of...

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