Magnon India is among the most respected interior Designer in Bangalore. Magnon specializes in exclusive Residential Interiors. Our senior designers are authors in journals and more popular in all and read blog on Home Interiors in India. Check out our blog pages for regular update on Design, Tips, Themes on Home Interiors in India. Our Interior Designers in Bangalore has the depth of knowledge that has allowed them to undertake a wide variety of projects with varying budgets and divergent levels of specification and intensity. Magnon is renowned for their turnkey integrated Lifestyle design. Magnon expertly manage the entire process from conception through to completion.

Magnon is a One-Stop-Shop for End-to-End Interiors in Bangalore. We use the latest design in furniture, Fabrics, wall coverings and accessories alongside delivering effective solutions from Concept through Completion. Each design project undertaken by Magnon – Interior Designers in Bangalore is individually tailored to a specific client.


Looking for making your small to look larger, Magnon Bangalore Villa Renovation can give you the best tips for all your problem with your space. Just because you don't have a huge space in your home it doesn't mean you can't display your style. Interior decoration in...

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What is shabby chic style?

What is shabby chic style, for Renovation of Villa in Electronic City, Magnon India. Pastel color softness, rich vintage and with a dash of modernity and comfort is what explains shabby chic decor best. This dream interior design style would take anyone back to the...

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Bookshelf Design Ideas

Renovation of Villa kammanahalli, Bookshelves are one of the floating parts of your home that not only look elegant but also make your room feel complete. Whether you have a mini library or single bookshelf in the drawing room, the best of these pieces reflects when...

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Wardrobe design guide

Our expert interiors designers for Home renovation Bangalore provides a guide with the point that needs to given importance when you get your wardrobe design. Home renovation Bangalore We can't deny the fact that most of us cant imagine our house without a wardrobe...

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