Magnon India is among the most respected interior Designer in Bangalore. Magnon specializes in exclusive Residential Interiors. Our senior designers are authors in journals and more popular in all and read blog on Home Interiors in India. Check out our blog pages for regular update on Design, Tips, Themes on Home Interiors in India. Our Interior Designers in Bangalore has the depth of knowledge that has allowed them to undertake a wide variety of projects with varying budgets and divergent levels of specification and intensity. Magnon is renowned for their turnkey integrated Lifestyle design. Magnon expertly manage the entire process from conception through to completion.

Magnon is a One-Stop-Shop for End-to-End Interiors in Bangalore. We use the latest design in furniture, Fabrics, wall coverings and accessories alongside delivering effective solutions from Concept through Completion. Each design project undertaken by Magnon – Interior Designers in Bangalore is individually tailored to a specific client.

Latest Living Room Color Schemes.

The center reason for Living room enrichment is to make it inviting. It ought to comfort for your guests also. This is where you have to invest the greater part of your energy so why not spend little bucks on it. As lounge is the most extensive room in the house, you...

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Choosing the Right Cabinets for your Kitchen.

The kitchen happens to be a standout amongst the most imperative spaces of your home and without a doubt, a standout amongst the most vital ones. There are a plenty of things that you have to consider while remodeling this space. Your financial plan, usefulness and...

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We are one of the best Modular Kitchen Manufacturers in Bangalore, well known for our interior designing skills. In this blog we are going to discuss about one of the best ways to make your small kitchen look larger with some easy designs. Modular Kitchen...

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10 Best Ways to Decorate your Living Room

A Living room is the main place in the house. It is used to invest quality energy with loved ones, engage visitors, toss parties, and additionally feel to loosen up yourself. Accordingly, it must welcome and also pleasantly adorned with incredible household items, so...

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How To Design A Newborn Baby’s Room

When you are all set to welcome the new member in your family, you get a long list of advice from the ones who care about you. Since you won't be able to set up the room for your baby when he/she is out in the world, you have to prepare it ahead of time. Like every...

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Perfect Ideas for Master Bedroom Interior Design.

Searching for main room thoughts? Of the considerable number of rooms in the home, the main room is the masterpiece. Plan it well and it will be a delight to venture into it each night for a long time to come. When you begin searching for main room structure thoughts,...

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How To Design Mini Gym In A Villa

We all love to stay slim and fit. Extra fat not only looks bad, but it is also an unhealthy sign. Not everyone is happy with their body. Some of us want to gain weight, and some of us want to lose it. You might also be thinking to get your body into shape. Jogging,...

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How To Do Organic Farming In A Villa

We all are focusing on organic food to help both our environment and digestive system. The increasing amount of pesticides being used in farming and its adverse effect on the environment and the human body has pushed us towards organic agriculture. Luxury Interior...

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Varieties of Sofas

Home is beautiful when it gets finishing touch from beautiful furniture. Without furniture the Home is like a half-painted room. Best Home Interior Designers in Bangalore Magnon India Interior Designers are a standout amongst other Home Interior Designers in Bangalore...

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