Magnon Interiors are one of the best interior designers in Bangalore with a team of experts in Interior Designing. Our focus is on providing one of the best and unique interiors to our customer. Interior designing is an art of designing ones house or office or other area for providing attractive and pleasant environment. Inside of your house is believed to project your personality. Most of us try to make interior design attractive to show our pride in the designs. Interior designing is a field which is still in need to be familiar to most of us. As one of the Best interior designers in Bangalore, our experts believe that there are still many misconceptions in the field of Interior design. Here we are about to discuss some of the top known misconception in Interior designing.  Some of the most believed misconceptions in the field of Interior design.
  • Interior Design is Mostly a Female Profession:
Interior Design There are lots of voices within the Interior designing industry; one of the most among them is that the interior designing is a female profession.  This is one worst misconception in the field of Interior designing as it is open to any sex.  And most men are much more interested in this career. In this field of opportunity has only one classification that is the creativity.  Here the person with creativity and skills are capable of leading in this profession
  • Designers Just Play With Fabric Swatches:
Interior Design For an interior designer, most of the people believe that it is just playing with fabrics, paints and decorations.  But as Interior designer he is also responsible for making space functional, beautiful and safe. Its designers duty to determine the space available, reading the blueprints of the space available and to be well-versed in rules and regulations in building the interior. So, it is not just playing with fabrics it is a skill based art of creating house into a beautiful structure. Magnon as one of the best interior designers in Bangalore we know it is not just a game of fabrics.
  • Interior Designers are Unaffordable:
Field of Interior Design has lots of wrong assumption; this is one of the other wrong assumptions about interior designing.  Lots of people believe that the interior designs are only adopted for rich.  This has kept aside most of the person in having interior designers for their homes.   It’s one of the false assumptions as designers will work within your budget.  At Magnon, we try to know how many rooms are required to be designed and the customer budget that they are willing to allocate. Thus, we design according to these.
  • Designers Are Omniscient:
Interior Design Designers know more about their profession than that of an average person.  That doesn’t make them perfect in knowing all about the client. Client has their own view and imaginations, so it is part of clients to explain their part of needs and wants. So, Designers can only give what they know if your view is not presented.  A designer will be happy to do his/her own style but that does not bring what you dreamed. 
  • I can do it myself:
Interior Design I Can Do It Myself. Why Would I Hire an Interior designer?  This is one of the perceptions of most people. They feel that they have good color and forms conceptions than that of an Interior designers. You may actually have a great idea of what you want and how to get it, there is still some proponents of design that only a designer can give you. The designers have access to showrooms that you are simply not allowed. Also, those showrooms are deeply discounted for designers who can, in turn, offer you that same discount.  Good Designers are backed by intensive four-year degrees, they truly know more about design than the rest of us, even if we are good with color, style etc.
  • They Won’t Reflect My Taste
Interior Design We are one of the best interior designers in Bangalore that we never let their own tastes mesh or take over a client’s taste.  We begins with the clients before beginning a project, we try to learn what your wants and needs are. Only after picturisation of your ideas we start to our project. In the end we try to reflect who you are. 
  • My Home is not relevant for Interior Design
Interior Design

Interior Design

For a warm cute interior, every home deserves a great design.  It may seem that design is only meant for the rich and famous. Concepts’ regarding this field is very different to what most of us think.  Interior designs are affordable for anyone. Our experts suggest out reaching out with a designer who can work within your budget is better. Thus, turn your house into a castle of your dream
  • A Designer Won’t Give Me A Livable Space
Interior Design There are a lot of designers who are skilled at creating a homey environment that remains livable, yet also looks amazing.  Regarding the decision on whom to hire, be sure to ask the designer for pictures of past projects, and tell them that you want a space that is beautiful and liveable.  Perhaps you have kids, dogs etc.  A well-skilled designer can create a home that accommodates all your living needs.  Thus you can see, an interior designer can turn virtually any space into something liveable beauty. Designers may battle a lot of misconceptions, but their skills and expertise trump all the myths.  Paying for the expertise of a designer is well worth it; they have the power to turn a plain and simple space into a happy home.