Interior designers banashankari – We all know some of the people who love sports more than anything. Sometimes, they want everything related to their lives to be sporty. According to interior decorators in Bangalore, when it comes to designing a home for a sports lover, there are quite a large number of ideas, but they need to be implemented by wisely. For the ones who love sports, the most amazing thing is always something related to games and players. It might be the next match, the favorite player coming to town, the auction of sports items, and so many other things only related to games.

Interior designers banashankari

If you are also looking for some fun ideas to decorate your home on the sports theme, the below article is for you.

Paint team color

The favorite team is everything, and that’s why the color of the team painted on the wall can make the room a better place for you. You can paint the whole room with a single color of your team or different colors on different partitions. Moreover, if it is not possible to paint all the walls with team colors because you think it will not look good, you can go for one wall or even a part of the wall to give the colors of your team.

Quotes wallpaper

We all love wallpapers in our room. If you are looking for a sports theme idea for your children’s room, you can definitely go for this idea. The sayings of their favorite players will do the two-way trick for you. Not only the quotes will inspire your kids to do better in life, but they will also add a unique charm to the room. If wallpapers seem something too big to paste on the walls, you can go for smaller prints framed in beautiful frames. The Best Interior Designers in Bangalore consider the quotes wallpaper best decorative thing for a sports lover’s room.

Interior designers banashankari

Medals and trophies to decorate

Kids tend to learn and play the games which inspire them. We all know that they do better when they are allowed to the jobs of their choice. If your kid has received trophies or medals in their favorite sport, don’t forget to use them in decorating their room. You can even decorate yours and your partner’s prizes in your room to keep yourself inspired from them. They not only serve as a decorative piece but also motivate you and your kids to do better.

Plan a separate theme for each room

Everyone in the home holds a different choice, and it’s really hard to come up with a standard design. The sports choices are varied, team choices are different, and even player choices are not the same, so it is essential to do something that suits everyone. Even girls and boys do have completely different options, and that’s why you can’t go for a single theme for the whole of the house. But, there is a very simple trick. Know the favorite play, favorite team, and favorite player of each member of your home, and you are good to go. This also goes well when there is only one sports lover because you can follow a different theme for remaining parts of the home.

Interior designers banashankari

Sports-themed art

Best Interior Designers in Bangalore say that a room is incomplete without artworks and that’s where you can reach your theme goals. Seeing the love of people for sports and games, there is no limit to sports themed artworks and decorative pieces in the market. The wallpapers of sports accessories and the art pieces in those shapes will look so good. You can also ask the boys and girls to shop for the accessories themselves so that you don’t have to worry about their reaction.

The sporty display

You can put all the sporty things of your kids in a chic shelf in one corner of their room. Their pictures of playing framed in small frames, the sporty keychains, and other things that they love could be kept there to create an excellent showcase in the room. For example, if your kid is in love with cricket, you can keep beautiful metal balls and bats on the shelves to give a nice look to the sports corner.

Interior designers banashankari

Show your collection

A family showcase can be made in the living room if the whole family has got the same taste in plays. The Best Interior Designers in Bangalore give you a luxury tip on that, and that’s to create a family collection display. Collect all the exciting things about sports, and you are ready to go. Take a canvas board and hang the pictures, autographs, keychains, and little accessories collected by you to make a beautiful display.

Posters of players and teams

When you are in love with a game or a player everything related to them seems exciting. Pick up all the sports magazines you have collected till today and cut down all the pictures of players you will love to frame. You can also buy posters from markets and print them from the internet. Believe me; you will love your room after these efforts because they will work as an information for you.

Interior designers banashankari

Add sports vibes to the bed

So you are crazier than anyone can guess, don’t worry, we have got something for you too. What about a sports-inspired bed? No, we are not talking about the furniture, but you can definitely experiment with the bedsheets and pillows. If your son is in love with football, you can get a football printed bedsheet for him to give the football look to the room. Coz the bed sheet is the first things everyone looks at in the room, it’s going to do a better job.

The sports area

If you are a fan who not only loves to watch the team playing but loves to play too, you will definitely have your sports kit. Are you tired of your bats and balls making your room messy? Don’t worry, you can find a corner and make a sports corner to treat to your accessories. Put them in a basket or a big cabinet, and you are good to go.