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India is world with lots of religions with majority of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikh, etc.

India is an incredible place where you can see people have their own freedom in believing in what they believe.

India has given place for all of us, who are believers and non-believers of God.

Being a believer you try to protect your family by praying to your god.

You may visit temples, church or mosque to worship.

Further you give a space for praying and meditation with in your home.

As per Hindu belief it is must that they are more tend to have a separate room for doing Puja.

Interior Design for Puja Room

There are very much difference in the worshiping of each religion.

This difference is not displayed in the God they worship but also in their daily habits.

For instance – In an Hindu believer’s house he/she may have a separate room with wooden finish and with sandal aroma and agarbathies to give a great smell.

There will be lots of photos of Gods and Goddess.

As it is believed that there are about 33 million gods in the Hindu belief.

While in a Muslim house you can see a room with mat which is kept folded and used only at the time of “Namaz”.

And Christian even though they don’t use a separate room for prayer, they do hang a photo of Jesus Christ or other Gods to within the house.

Even there are lots of religions having their one room that is specially designed for God.

But one common factor about this prayer hall is that they are most designed in a place of silence.

Interior designers South Bangalore

Space that is free of distractions is the main thing to be considered while doing the “Salat”.

The surrounding should be clean and with good space of air circulation.

A dedicated prayer space should be extremely beneficial for a great spiritual experience.

Why set aside a prayer space in your home?

That is done to concentrate on your acts of worship and not on what’s around you.

Make the area peaceful and attractive, and you will definitely feel the difference.


  • Choose the Space –


The space should be amble enough to concentrate on praying than on any other items.

You can even pick a corner of your bedroom or your apartment’s living room, or a section of your home’s basement.

But make it your priority to always keep the space clean and clutter-free.


  • Collect the Essentials –


Prayer rug or prayer Mat, Make sure it will does not distract you during prayer.

Even you can use a simple bamboo mat if you want.

But make sure it will be comfortable for you to sit on for a long period of time.

Turba, The clay tablet that the forehead is placed on, Your Turba will turn darker after some months as it accumulates oil from your skin.

Sandpaper, If it has writing or decoration on one side, you may prefer to place your forehead on the solid side so sanding won’t ruin the design of your Turba.

Tasbeeh, Have you ever considered making your own prayer beads? Or having your children make some? This could be a way to get them involved in personalizing the home’s prayer space.

Long outer veil, if you’re a sister at home , you won’t need to go and change when you’re busy and it’s time for prayer.

You can just slip on a chador that’s clean and waiting in your prayer space.

Quran, Keep a copy with the type of Arabic script that is easiest for you to recite from.

Keep some food handy so you can stay where you are and keep going on with your acts of worship for as long you desire.

You can listen to recitations or lectures on your MP3 or CD player while you eat.

Keep the décor to a minimum, but arrange it well. It’s the little touches that will make your personal prayer space that much more appealing:

Here are some of the designs for the prayer hall –

Interior designers South Bangalore

  • A space for keeping Incense sticks or oudh, or air freshener.
  • Saucer, bowl, vase, or empty jar: fill with pebbles, potpourri, rose petals, sand, shells, scented candles, or tea lights
  • A Decorative box – this can be used to store your Turba and Tasbeeh; tasbeehs could also hang on a long nail in the wall
  • Tall bottle or glass to hold a single artificial flower or a bamboo stalk
  • Little baskets, boxes – store different books so that you are more inclined to read them when they’re right in front of you.
  • A throw-pillow to rest your Quran on
  • One or two pieces of Islamic art or calligraphy.
  • Perfume samples or Arab attars you may not be using that often, to remind you to perfume yourself before praying if you haven’t already done so beforehand with the perfume you put on that morning.

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