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How is commercial design different from that of residential design?

In this blog we are going to discuss the difference in the home interior design to that of commercial interior design.

Interior designing are mainly classified on the basis of commercial design and residential design.

Home interior

Home interior design is mostly having common areas in most of the house.

For instance a home or residential interior will be having a Kitchen, dining hall, main hall, bed room, an office room etc.

These all rooms are the most common rooms found in home interior.

Even though the space of the room may vary, Most of the residential interior is all having common use of the rooms.

While comparing to that of home interior, it one of the main important thing that the person who are living over here are mostly permanent.

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Commercial interior

Commercial interior or an office interior is an interior which is designed for a business.

Comparing to that of residential interior commercial interior is much more different.

Commercial residential interior of one business will different to that of other business.

For instance space of Banks, schools, hospital, insurance company etc is different compared to each other.

The interior designers have to be very careful in designing the commercial interior as it may even effect the growth of the business.

There is different space allotted for business comparing to the nature of each business.

Not only that the business environment design should be considered on the common human mind and business nature as well as the employees needs.

Employee’s needs are one of the main while designing the business environment.

If the design of environment of business is favorable to employee’s nature it would result in a good output for the business.

Difference between home interior design and residential interior designs


  • Needs


Commercial design

In commercial design an interior is designed on the basis of the need of the business nature.

It is mainly based on the brand of the company for which the interior is going to be designed.

Even the company have their own code for designing the interior of the business place which have to be considered.

Residential design

In residential design, the interior of the building is designed on the needs of the person who are going to stay over there.

The personal interest and needs is the base for the residential design.

These decisions are based on the need of a person or by all the family members.

It is much more that people want their house to be exactly to the interest and nature of you.


  • Space


Commercial design

The space allotted for the commercial design is entirely based on the nature of the business.

For example in a Bank there is a need for lock room which is highly secured while in schools we need lots of rooms such as faculty room, computer room, labs etc.

There are several types of business and each business requires has different specialized to their nature of business.

Residential design

Compared to that of commercial design there is not much difference in rooms of residential place.

It is much more that most of the residential area is made of bedroom, kitchen, T.V room, dining room etc.

Most of the houses have commonly these rooms but there may be difference in the imagination of the customer in designing one of the best designs for their dream home.


  • Color


Commercial design

Even though the most of the business try to add their combination of color it is commonly found that some of these designs are based on the company’s brand.

The showrooms of some major companies such as Vodafone, idea, big bazaar etc are some example of common interior designing.

If you have visited any such showroom you can see there is always a similar type design for most of the showrooms.

It is because they have to follow the code of conduct provided by the company.

Residential design

In residential design there is no such rule, as all rules are based on the personal interest of the person living over there.

But they are some variation based on religious beliefs such as prayer hall and some color combination which are good and which are bad as per their religious belief.

These all are some of the major difference found in the designing of commercial and residential design.

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Common factors in commercial and residential designing.

There are many common factors in commercial and residential designing, such as

  • Precision sketching: to develop and share plans for interior architecture, furnishings, textiles, finishes, etc.
  • Computer-aided-design (CAD): to create two dimensional floor plans, and for drawing, editing, and view manipulation.
  • Communication: the ability to create and adapt designs based on client needs, and coordinate with architects, engineers, and construction professionals to bring concepts to life.
  • Building codes: thorough knowledge of provincial and national building codes to ensure structures are compliant, and safe for use.

These are some of the common factor in commercial and residential designing.

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