living room interior designers near me, is the part of your home where you treat your guests, sit with your family, and can even organize a small party. It always needs to be well managed and functional. Best Interior Designers in Bangalore says that living room must be a luxurious place. From furniture to artwork, and paint to rugs, everything should be chosen wisely.

living room interior designers near me

We make several efforts and spend a lot of money to decorate the interiors but what if it looks absurd afterward? The question to think here is “why this happens?”. We make some silly mistakes like overdoing or doing less, making some weird decisions, and not understanding the current trends.

We have always heard that sometimes even a single mistake can ruin all our efforts in one second, then think what will happen if we make so many mistakes. The first thing that you must do is hire a good home interior designer and Best Interior Designers in Bangalore. It would cost you some money, but it will definitely save your room from ruining. Still, you must be aware of some common mistakes that people do so that you can avoid them.

Here are top 10 things you should avoid while designing the best part of your home i.e. the living room.

1. Wrong size furniture

Whether it’s too large or too small, wrong sized furniture can completely spoil the beauty of a living room. It’s not all about the choices, the dimensions of your space also play a role. Instead of first selecting furniture and then discovering that it won’t fit your room, keep the measures with you before leaving home. Now, some people will think that a large sofa won’t hurt anyone and that it would provide more space to sit. Actually, it’s a big blunder, because it will unnecessarily cover space causing problem in the movement.

2. Improper lighting

There is no use of too dim light in a living room because it will make the room appear darker. You might enjoy a dance in darkness, but you will be definitely going to hate it if it stays like that all time. Moreover, too harsh light that feels like digging holes in the eyes is also a complete off. The lighting must be eye soothing and should be able to light up the room thoroughly to create interest. You can add multiple lighting to change according to the situation. Overhead light and a side table lamp can give you all that you need.

living room interior designers near me

3. Unnecessary pictures

A family wall is an essential part of a living room, but too much of anything is not absolutely perfect. Don’t fill the table, walls, and all the shelves with photos of your family. Either create a canvas display or frame some of the pictures in metal frames to create a small gallery. Don’t spread them in all the corners of the room. Choose a wall that is empty and where the pictures can be easily viewed because they are good conversation starters. Images have good memories, and that’s why they can also make you feel better if you are in a bad mood.

4. Deciding paint color before buying furniture

When you choose the paint color before buying furniture, there are higher chances of mismatch. After selecting paint color when you will be on the lookout for furniture, you will have to make the decision accordingly. In this way, you will end up missing a set you loved most because of the color mismatch. Also, there are high chances of not finding a perfect match ruining the whole theme of your room. So, if you are planning to design your living room, purchase furniture first and then choose the shades for the walls.

living room interior designers near me

5. Inappropriate storage

Villa and apartments interior designers in Bangalore and Best Interior Designers in Bangalore will never suggest you pick open storage for your living room. No matter, how hard you try, open shelves will never look tidy. You will then start buying baskets which will take away the charm of the room if not picked wisely plus it will be an extra investment. Also, avoid glass fronted storage because it works same as open storage and the issue remains unresolved.

6. Multipurpose rooms

Due to lack of space, multipurpose rooms are appreciated a lot. You might love to adjust your mini bar, library, and even theater in the room. But, the problem with these rooms is that they can look unnecessarily crowded if not appropriately managed. What you can do is don’t overdo it. Add features which are required so that it seems intentional. Prevent it from looking like a junk room by reducing clutter.

living room interior designers near me

7. Not hiding cords and outlets

Who loves wires hanging around in the room? If you are letting it be because of budget issues, then you are making the worst mistake ever. It is not so expensive, but it can ruin your room completely. Also, you will have to adjust the furniture in the place accordingly.

8. No window drapes

Windows must be covered well. Not only it makes the room feel better managed but also adds to privacy. End to end interior designers in Bangalore , Best Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest you investing in some beautiful curtains that match well with the theme of your living room.

living room interior designers near me

9. White walls without decoration

White color can seem wow during the initial days, but it gets dirty too often. Especially, if you have kids in your home, they can destroy the beauty of the white color in no time. The white color is like an open canvas which you can decorate to create an awesome look. So, either don’t paint the walls white or if you do, decorate them well.

10. Artwork not managed properly

Un-managed artwork can seem like clutter in the room. The artwork should add intimacy and personal touch to the room. Both the furniture and the artwork should complement each other because if any of them dominates over one, the other one loses it charm. You can place framed artwork on walls and some stones or metal pieces on the shelves.