best Interior designer kammanahalli “Vastu” is the word used by ancient carpenters and others for stating about “Architecture”.

Stating that things in the house which is affecting us positively and negatively.

Magnon Interior designer is being one of the best interior designers in Bangalore while considering Vastu in Interior designing.

“Vastu Shastra” is the name given for learning Indian architecture; Simplifying as “Science of Architecture”.

In Hindu religious belief “Lord Vishwakarma” Father of Vastu Shastra and “Doshi” is known as the Father of Indian Architecture.

In Vastu Shastra, it is mainly based on Hindu scripts and text.

Text containing certain principles in designing the interior of a home, such as “Pancha Bhoot”, which is involving five cosmic energies.

Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Space, which is known as the five elements of Pancha Bhoota.

Vastu in Interior designing of furnitures

Indian astrology it is said that there is an in-bound relation between the person and the house.

When a person is born on a date, he is been assigned with the Zodiac sign which is been followed on that particular date.

There is total of 12 Zodiac signs –Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Most of the Indian believers do consulting with astrologer before building up their house.

Astrologer comparing the horoscope of the clients to that of the place of house that has to be built.

Astrologer suggests place where the several rooms are to be, he even types of furniture to be designed etc.

Astrologers also try to suggest the name that is better for the house as well as the well being of the owner and his family.

Magnon Interiors also always use the suggestion of the astrologers in designing the interior of your home.

So we consider vastu in Interior designing thus, this trust makes us one of the best interior designers in Bangalore.

best Interior designer kammanahalli

Factors considered in making your home one of the Best Interior designs with the help of Vastu –

Furniture’s are the heart of interior of a House. There are several things to consider while designing furniture.

Material – There are several types of material available in the modern market for designing your furniture.

such as Leather material based furniture, Plastic based furniture, Wooden based furniture, Tapestry based furniture etc.

They have also been differentiated as modern furniture, traditional furniture and even antique furniture.

In vastu astrologer compare the horoscope of the persons living over there to suggest what sort of material to selected.

It’s mostly suggested to use wooden furniture.

best Interior designer kammanahalli

Shape of the furniture – It is one of the important factors while designing your house.

Choosing furniture should not be mostly oval, circle or triangle, it’s better to choose rectangle or square shape.

Colour of the Furniture – Colours are one of the main in attracting a person mentally, it’s also to be considered in Vastu.

There are many colours to make your furniture natural such as rose wood, maple, Mahagony etc.

Try to use mostly the natural materials.

Because while comparing to other materials such as plastic furniture, it attract negative energy but wooden furniture attract positive energy.

Space for Furniture – Furniture has to be placed as per the space of the area available, it should not be rigid.

As per vastu it may restrict the entry of fresh air into the room.

Furniture should be taken considering the space available, good spacing of the furniture can bring a good vibe into you.

Magnon Interiors designers are one of the best interior designers in Bangalore that they analyse the dimension of your room space available to place it beautifully.

best Interior designer kammanahalli

Broken Furniture – To gain the expense we try to use broken furniture’s such as,

Trying to use broken glass shelf or broken piece of the leg of the furniture by attaching it and using the maximum of it .

It is not good in making use of such furniture.

One of the main things as Magnon Interiors designers is one of the best interior designers in Bangalore, we suggest is try not to provide glass based furniture for children.

Direction of the furniture – It is important that while you buy the furniture’s to your home try to get suggestion from an astrologer before placing it in your house.

Vastu shatra states there is certain place for certain furniture’s to be placed.

There is many other factors too to consider as per Vastu shatra, the above are only some of the main factors in selecting your furniture.

VASTU in Interior Designing of Furnitures

Magnon experts is one of the best interior designers in Bangalore for considering vastu in Interior designing of your dream home.

Vastu shastra also states that the gifts or presents which have brought into our home also can affect our living.

One example is Statue of Laughing Buddha.

Statue of laughing Buddha is said to be received to make your house happy. But it is to be received from your friends or other family members who are not living in the same house.

Vastu Shastra suggests us mostly to use natural material based furniture further than artificial.

Artificial material based furniture mostly try not to absorb positive energy whereas, Natural Material based furniture try to absorb positive energy and bounce back to provide a positive energy to the home.

For more visit us the one of the best interior designers in Bangalore for your dream home.