Bathrooms stay wet for a long time, and that’s what causes condensation. Cold water dripping off the ceiling while you have a hot shower is the most irritating thing. Condensation thus not only spoils your mood, but it’s also harmful to your bathroom. It can damage the paint, wooden accessories, and drywall. It can also make the bathroom will unclean and smelly. The Best Interior designer in kammanahalli suggests keeping good care of your bathrooms because the moisture can spread in other walls of the home if not controlled in the bathroom.

Best Interior designer in kammanahalli

You have a lot of simple tips to follow, which can instantly show the difference. You don’t have to pick the hardest one, pick the easiest and most accessible one to start with. Following the simplest thing not only saves money but also saves a lot of effort. It can cost you higher if the problem is big, but starting with the simplest tips can definitely help you reduce the end expense.

So, if you are also facing the condensation problem in your bathrooms, here are some useful tips for you.


It is crucial to suck the moist air outside the bathrooms to keep condensation away. The goal can be easily achieved by installing an extractor fan in the bathroom. The fan sucks out the damp air and makes bathrooms moisture free. The fans are the most convenient means of reducing condensation because these could be operated easily. The existing wiring of bathrooms is used to operate the extractor, and the fan can be turned off and on according to your needs. Not only the fan reduces moisture, but also makes the bathroom feel cool by pushing the heat out.

Best Interior designer in kammanahalli

The fan also needs some extra care to keep working effectively. It is essential to get the fan services regularly so that water and grime do not build-up on it. You need to let the fan work for at least half an hour after the shower to push the wetness outside. However, you should also keep your door partially open if possible, while taking a hot shower so that there is no moisture left. You might face extra problems in winters because it will be hard to clear the dampness as its already damp outside. The extractor will also make the room seem colder as it also sucks warmth along with moisture. So, you will need some extra measures to keep your bathroom moisture free.


You can reduce condensation in your bathrooms by keeping it warm. However, it works best in winters because you love the warmth in the cold weather. The Best Interior designer in kammanahalli suggests that it keeps the air hot and moist and prevent the moisture from staying at surfaces, making it possible for you to reduce evaporation.

Best Interior designer in kammanahalli

Double glazed windows come as a savior when it comes to keeping your bathroom warm. If you already have the window, that’s best, but if you don’t have the windows already, you must consider installing them. The windows help in keeping the interior of the bathroom warm and prevent condensation on the surface. Glass stores less moisture, and that prevents that irritating moisture fall.

Small opening on windows, also called as trickles can also help push moisture outside even when the windows are closed.

Best Interior designer in kammanahalli

Moreover, you must ensure the heat level is correct no matter what heating equipment you are using. You can use anything from a traditional radiator to underfloor heating and modern heated towel warmer. As per your needs, the options may vary.


Painting is most probably the easiest and most common solution for conversation. You either need a fully tiled bathroom or painted walls. If half of the bathroom doesn’t have tiles, cover them with color to prevent moisture from setting on the surface. The Best Interior designer in kammanahalli suggests applying specially formulated paint that prevents conversation on walls.

Best Interior designer in kammanahalli

The paint works as an insulating layer that raises the temperature of the wall and ceiling surface. Since compensation can also lead to mold development, fungicide is also added to the paint to prevent mold production. It is advised to clear any existing mold by applying a fungicide solution before painting. Also, two coatings of the color will offer maximum protection. You can choose the color according to the colors of your bathroom so that the paint not only works as a protective shield but also makes your walls stand out.


Wiping the tiles in the bathroom post-shower can help reduce a lot of moisture in the bathroom. Take a cloth and wipe off the tiles after the bathroom is properly clean. The process also helps in preventing mold development.

Water can stay on the tiles in the form of tiny droplets which evaporate and got collected on the ceiling surface. And that’s how condensation occurs.

Wiping off tiles can help reduce condensation and mold by 75% as suggested by the Best Interior designer in kammanahalli. Don’t forget to clean and soak water from the rubber blade on shower glass.

Indoor plants

Plants are also a good way to reduce moisture and humidity in the house. Not all, but there are quite a good number of plants that can help prevent condensation in the bathrooms. Moreover, when used along with other anti-condensation options such as heating and ventilation, indoor plants can help bring better results. The plants also help in preventing mold in the bathrooms. Some of the best indoor plants to bring in include English ivy, peace lily, and Boston fern. It is advised to choose the right indoor plants because some plants can release more moisture making your bathroom more prone to condensation.

Best Interior designer in kammanahalli

You can also reduce moisture by letting the windows and door open when the weather is warm outside so that humidity can skip out. You should also keep the door slightly open while having a hot shower to prevent condensation. These were some of the tried and tested tips, if you also have some, do share in the comment box.