Best Interior Design Architect in Bangalore hindu Religion is not a single religion, but derived of many religious systems. With a multitude of religious traditions within the Hindu culture perhaps this is why Hinduism seems like such a complex religion. Puja rooms designed by Magnon India will have all the vastu rules required for the construction of the Puja Room and they design in more traditional manner and stand as the Best Interior Design Architect in Bangalore.

Best Interior Design Architect in Bangalore.

Hinduism is not the traditional organized religion most of us know and practice but is considered to be a way of life. A ritual of devotion or Puja, is a religious ritual where purity is emphasized. Puja is performed every day in the morning, after one has bathed and dressed but before a meal or drink and every evening. The ritual of purity is often carried out in one’s home where a holy shrine holds pictures or statues of assorted deities.

If the family has a teacher or guru, his or her picture is placed in the shrine. These objects are considered receptacles of spiritual energy allowing the follower direct communication with his or her gods. “Bhajans are simple songs in soulful language expressing the many splendored emotions of love for God, a complete submission of self-surrender to Him through singing”.

Songs or music is a form of worship or prayer offerings to the Lord. Bhajans trace back to the third Veda in the Hindu scriptures. Bhajan’s today consist of different genres such as Nirguni and Madhura-bhakti to name a few, each with its own style of singing. As the different genres of music in America have developed into a modern and upbeat style so have the songs of Hinduism. Yoga as most Westerners are familiar is not the true yoga of Hindus. For more best ideas of how to design the Puja Room contact Magnon India – Best Interior Design Architect in Bangalore.

How the Puja Room is to be decorated?

Paint the walls in white, light yellow, orange or blue:

If your walls are not already one of these colors, it is suggested that you paint them to be one of them. Choosing a very light, pastel version of these colors is vital in helping keep the space feel open, airy and peaceful.

Select or design a distinctive door:

The door of the pooja room must be distinguishable from the other doors in the house. You can choose a wooden door, with perhaps religious carvings in the wood, or perhaps a glass, clear door that displays the room even when closed.

Decorate the entrance to make it more welcoming:

You can add decorations to either side of the doors and to the threshold to further highlight the beauty of the room and make it more inviting. You can place a bronze or crystal vase of flowers on either side of the door (on the inside or outside), pin a flower garland over the top of the door frame or pin firefly string lights up there.

Add cushions or stools for sitting and kneeling:

While praying or meditating in your pooja room, you will want to sit or kneel comfortably. You can add a low, wooden stool with a cushion on top or you can add several round or square cushions that will be comfortable to sit on. You can buy these at any department, general merchandise or furniture stores.

Landscaping is a must:

Include potted plants, climbers, the tulsi and flowers. The flooring should not be a highly polished one and also remember since this is an open-to-sky space, drainage is an important factor. Do not go for materials that are difficult to clean and maintain, or that are easy to stain and scratch. Introduce seating, if you please. A source of water supply is a must-have. Use dim lights and avoid overhead lamps.

If you reside in an apartment building and cannot devote much space for worship due to constraints, this idea might just suit you. For further queries related to the designing of the Puja Room contact Magnon India – Best Interior Design Architect in Bangalore. Put to good use the corners of your house – those of your living room, verandas, bedrooms or even foyers. A stepped stand, with a back cover for the wall, for placing your idols does not occupy much space and is a go-to suggestion for nooks. It may be covered or uncovered on the top. Triangular, semi-circular, arced or polygonal – any befitting shape goes with the member.