10 Ideas to Make Your Small Home Look Big

Small homeowners struggle with a lot of things. From very little space to store stuff to lesser opportunities for decorations, sometimes it becomes really frustrating. The worst thing is the whole space looks very little. The first thing is the home is already small and the second thing that makes it look smaller is the way you decorate. The Best interior decorators in Yelahanka believe that any little house can be made to look more prominent with the right decoration. Arrangement of furniture, color choice, artwork, and everything related to the home must be made in such a way that it creates an illusion of bigness.

Best interior decorators in Yelahanka

If you are also struggling with a cute little home that needs some renovation to come out of that cramped state, we have something for you. These simple home expanding tricks will maximize the space in no time.

Paint With Light Hues

You might find dark colors better when it comes to designing, but the biggest drawback here is that they make your house appear smaller. The professionals in the industry have observed that light colors tend to add more space than dark colors do. When you stick to airy and bright shades, there is a feeling of openness that makes it appear big. With a small home, you should go for cream, pale greys, white, pink, light blues, etc. If complete white seems too cold to decorate, we suggest off-white and other shades of white. You can also go for lighter greens which are going to rock this year.

Best interior decorators in Yelahanka

A Prominent Statement Piece

Instead of several little artworks, go for one big statement piece to make it appear big. You might think that a little room should have small artworks to save space, but you will be amazed to see what a single big piece can do to your room. The piece will hold attention, and the empty part of your room will create an illusion of bigness. If you don’t want to add a decorative piece of big size, a chair will also do the job. Place a beautiful statement chair in one of the empty corners, and you will love the way it turns out.

Move Furniture Away From Walls

We all tend to move furniture as near to walls as possible in order to save space. But, the truth is it doesn’t make a big deal. When you keep the furniture a few inches away from the wall, the room appears free and big. The fact is you have double benefits. According to the Best interior decorators in Yelahanka, moving furniture away from walls keeps the furniture free from bugs and moisture. You have a better opportunity to clean your furniture thoroughly, and the bugs can be cleaned from time to time.

Mirror It Up

We all have been doing it for ages. Mirrors can make your space appear so much prominent. A simple plane rectangular mirror near the wall or a round decorated mirror on the empty wall on the backside of your sofa will have a great influence on the size of your room. Mirror tend to reflect light just like light shades do, and that’s why smaller homes should have mirrors and more luminous paints.

Best interior decorators in Yelahanka

Popped Up Ceilings

With bright colors on the wall, a darker shade on your ceiling will pop and grab attention in no time. The Best interior decorators in Yelahanka suggest that putting something that can steal attention from the whole room can make the home appear more prominent. You don’t really need to have a darker shade on the ceiling; you can add fun fixtures or beautiful designs over the ceiling to make it all glamorous and eye-catching.

Do the Trick with Window Treatments

Window treatments are considered as an essential part for every home, but that is not necessarily true. With a small house, you don’t need to have window drapes. Window treatments induce darkness, and that makes your room appear smaller. Ditch the curtains and let the light come inside the room to lit up space. With the visibility of outside landscapes, your room will have a prominence feel. If you can’t live your windows uncovered, move to lighter shade curtains. White or off white creamy curtains will look great in smaller homes.

Best interior decorators in Yelahanka

Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is a must-have for every small home. A sofa that can turn into a bed, a bed that has cabinets underneath, and a table whose size can be adjusted according to need are some of the things you can buy to free up space in your small home. Even sofas nowadays have drawers in them. So, you can have plenty of storage options to hide the daily use little stuff that if place outside can take away the beauty of your room.

Declutter Space

That said; “the Best interior decorators in Yelahanka have the best tips”, is true in every sense. The more cluttered space is, smaller it will appear. Declutter it and arrange things wisely. For example, if you are arranging books, stack them according to their size and color to have symmetry. Also, mix and match the patterns of textiles in the room. Try to keep little things in the drawers so that there is no crowd.

Best interior decorators in Yelahanka

The Shelves Heck

Have you seen those ceiling touched shelves? They look so fascinating and add so much space to your little room. Since they are attached to the roof, no area is covered from the below part which opens space. Also, these shelves make the upper part appear smaller which creates the illusion of a bigger room. The lower part of the place seems more trivial and empty.

Say No to Overhead Lighting

The designers say it multiple times. If you have a little space, ditch overhead lighting and invest in lamps. Add some cool sconces and table lamps across the room to make it appear big. Make sure you buy smaller pieces and spread them evenly in the room plus don’t add too much lighting.