Magnon Interiors are one of the Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore for making your bedroom feel cosy and comfort.

Bedroom is a space for comfort with a warm blanket to hug your loved one and sleep.

As of now there is lots of design available in the market for making your bedroom look stylish and warm.

At end of the hard days there is nothing better than taking rest in fresh bed.

But how many have a good interior designed for your bedroom?

Further, We all know importance of a good night sleep, but do we know how much the interior designing can bring comfort in bedroom.

In this blog we will discuss about the art of Magnon, the Interior decorators in Bangalore.

Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore

Here we are about to discuss one of the best designs for your bedroom –

Glam Bedrooms

Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore, Magnon suggest this bedroom feel provide a refined elegance.

Glam Bedroom is a combination of simple color that is making a wonderful calm master bedroom.

The classic pinstripe walls with a stunning navy upholstered bed, with many layers of cushion.

Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore

This bedroom reflects perfect marriage of classic style with distinctive contemporary touches. Here is an example of making Glam Bedroom –

Use upholstered chaise in a blue velvet crocodile fabric, toning with teal colored velvets on the deep-buttoned headboard and runner.

Sunset yellow bedside unit pick out the gold in cushions and unify the scheme across the bedroom.

Mid-pile Cormar carpet gives a luscious feel underfoot. While fuchsia pink cushions offers a vivid accent.

The round concave mirrors were an internet find which we painted marine blue to match the fabrics, adding unique interest to the overall scheme.

Contemporary Bedrooms

For any bedroom to be designed it is best to add some natural elements.

It can be in standard form greenery, planting and wooden floorboards or something different like use of plywood and refurnishing some old crates for storage.  

By adding these natural elements, rooms give you a relaxing mind.

Experiments have proved this can actually reduce heart rate and pulse making for a more pleasant environment to rest.

Thus, it can give a peace mind from busy days.

Making a contemporary bedroom we can use bedroom flooded with natural lights. By using large window for good air ventilation and bringing in natural lights.

Other trick in contemporary bedroom is to add curtains wall-to-wall.

Also, Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore- Magnon suggests for an origami effect which can be used as a wallpaper.

And for the final finish a large feature ceiling light is so important to upscale most of the space.

Thus, we make one of the best combinations for a contemporary bedroom as we are one of the Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore.

Colorful Bedroom

Colorful Bedroom is a careful mix of textures and patterns maximizing the visual impact.

A bright space that takes lots of color without looks can easily absorb big pieces.

Walk-in wardrobe with storage in addition to the three massive wardrobes alongside the bed, which allows for everything to be put away and hidden so that you can enjoy the bright colors and still have a tranquil space to escape to.

Deep jewel tones, such as turquoise, Porta Romana Thread lamps and matt metallic allow scheme to be both rich and restful.

The style should be very much creative and encouraging.

Symmetry is a really effective feature in bedroom designs.

We used these matching bedside tables and lamps to create a sense of balance which work perfectly to ground what is quite a bold and colorful room.

Finally, texture is always an important consideration.

We make one of the good finishes for your bedroom with good color combinations; we are one of the Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore.

Minimalist Bedroom

It is very important that guests feel both welcome and appreciated.

Artificial plants nowadays are amazingly realistic so we would probably just add natural garden flowers on the bedside table to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Nothing surpasses the tranquillity of seeing your warm, cosy bed after a long day.

With your bedroom being the heaven for calming relaxation, we aim to heighten these emotions through our complementing interior choices.

Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore

Pastel colors, delicate prints and soft lighting to orchestrate the perfect ambiance to help you unwind the minimalist to the beauty of the bedroom.

To us, the smallest details are essential. Carefully balanced color hues across selected prints.

Interior harmony will ease your mind and leaving you to falling in love with your very own heaven.

Try to design a wonderful minimalist bedroom design with our help, we are one the Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore.

Elegant Bedroom

An elegant and serene sanctuary with soft Cornforth White walls combined with the decadent wallpaper really do complement one another and create a very soothing mood.

The print adds the perfect ‘pop’ of color and the large mirror reflects a lot of light into the space.

The chandelier completes the look and adds decadence.

The bedroom should be one of the most comfortable and relaxing rooms in your home.

Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore

That’s why we prefer a warm, soothing color palette that helps you to unwind after a long day.

So, we feel that luxurious textiles such as velvet and silk complement warmer tones very well and give it a high-end look without compromising the comfort.

Like the rest of the decor quite minimalist though so the room doesn’t look too busy.

Make it Simple and make it look so good.

For making an elegant touch bedroom we are one of the Best Interior Decorators in Bangalore.