A home is nothing without a kitchen because it is the source of our essential living
needs. The kitchen is all about heat, greasy materials, and a lot of other things that
can be harsh on delicate surfaces. Not only the counter top, but even the flooring
goes through a lot of harsh treatment. Continuous walking, falling of utensils,
dropping of greasy liquid, hot food, and much more can hurt your floors. 
Kitchen flooring can start looking bad over time if you don’t pick the right
material. The choice of material will depend on your preference, budget, interior
theme, but most importantly, you need to consider flooring that can bear the
treatment. Some materials will last longer, and some might get spoiled in a very
short period. Since you can’t go for kitchen renovation in Bangalore in a short
period, it’s better to choose materials that are not only good looking but durable as

To help you with the right choice, we have enlisted some flooring materials that
are durable and give an elegant look to your floors. All of them are worth investing
in. Read on to know the materials you can consider as your next flooring option.

Ceramic Tile 

The ceramic tiles have a rough manufacturing process. The natural clay goes
through shaping, glazing, and heat treatment to form an exceptionally durable
material. The tiles are water and stain-resistant. Little changes might occur over
time. Otherwise, it stays good for a long time without the fear of breaking. The
tiles are loved most because they come in a variety of beautiful colors. Even the
sizes and shapes are variable in the material. 
The tiles are criticized for being too cold under feet, but that can be definitely
avoided with a heating system. Moreover, if you find them too hard, carpets will
give a soft touch. 


Someone who deals with wood kitchens in Yelahanka will tell you the worth of
hardwood kitchen flooring. The natural wood was never considered a good option for
moisture locked areas such as kitchens. But, now, when the manufacturers have
made it so moisture resistant with polyurethane finishes and modern sealers that
you can always make your dream come true. If yours is a wooden kitchen,
hardwood flooring will make it appear like a traditional Indian cooking space with
a modern touch. 
You can have it if you are too fond of wooden flooring, but whether you consider
hardwood veneer or engineered wood, the other options will always be the best.

The material being wood will change and degrade over time, but yes, it will stay
good for a suffice it time. 

Bamboo Flooring For Kitchen

Bamboo is actually similar to wood. It gives you a wood-like look with a harder
choice. The way it is manufactured to be used as flooring options makes it more
durable as it becomes moisture resistant. Since it gives the wood like the feel and is
durable as well, it’s replacing the wooden flooring in more and more homes. 
The price of bamboo flooring can be a step back for you because it’s more
expensive than wooden flooring. Moreover, it’s hard to refinish the material. Even
if you try to do, it requires the assistance of professionals. 


The material that was a favorite flooring option about some 50 years ago is all set
to make a grand come back. The linoleum floors are manufactured from natural
linseed oil, which makes it easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly option.
The interior decorators believe that it can stay good for about 40 years if installed
The first thing is you need to choose a high-quality option. The cheap ones will
curl up in a humid environment. Also, even the best quality material will be ruined
with a continuous flow of water. So, make sure your piping system is intact before
you install the flooring. 

Natural Stone Tile

The natural rock has the natural hardness that makes it an ideal choice for a long-
lasting kitchen flooring. Some of the best options in the natural stone category
include granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, travertine, and slate. The luxury
interior designers in Jayanagar suggest natural stone when you have a better
budget. The natural stone floors add significant value to your home when it comes
to selling. The stone speaks luxury. 
The one issue with the tiles is the staining problem. The problem could be avoided
with the application of sealers on a regular basis. Those sealers create a protective
layer that keeps the stone intact. 

Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

If you search for the most comfortable option, vinyl must be your go-to. It is a
versatile kitchen flooring option with so many colors, sizes, designs, and shapes to

consider. It is not a natural option, but it is stain-resistant, water-resistant, and free
from damage risks. Maintenance and cleaning of the flooring are also easy. 
The manufacturer might offer a warranty of up to 20 years, but you can’t expect it
to remain the same after 7-8 years. It is a budget-friendly option that is ideal for
homes where the kitchen is always on use. It comes in a variety of options that you
can explore if you make your mind for it. 
Being synthetic flooring, the only problem you can face is you can’t go eco-
friendly with vinyl. 


This one is a pocket finely and durable choice. You can have it easy with a few
mesons spending a few of their working hours. The concrete flooring is effortless
to achieve, as you don’t need some specific materials that are hard to find.
Moreover, you can style them in a variety of ways. It is a suitable choice for
modern kitchens as it can be made over any subfloor. 
The issue with the flooring is cold for feet and hardness, both of which can be
fixed with little effort. The real one is it can distract buyers as concrete kitchen flooring is
not considered good by everyone. However, if you are in no mood to sell, this is a
great option.