Bedroom designers in Jayanagar whenever a friend or family member arrives at our place, we need an extra bedroom to give them some personal space. Guest bedroom let them get refreshed after a tiring journey and a place to have a good sleep. People with bigger homes manage to have a larger space for guest bedroom while with smaller homes maintain a small guest bedroom. No matter, how much area you have, some useful tricks from Best Interior Designer in Bangalore will help you make it the best for your guests.

Bedroom designers in Jayanagar

The people are coming to stay with you, and that’s why you have to make sure that they feel comfortable. From a warm bed to keeping required things in the place, there are some things every homeowner needs to keep in mind while designing a guest bedroom with the help of a Best Interior Designer in Bangalore.

Here are some simple steps to follow while preparing a space for your guests.

Start from the bed

The designing of a room starts from the bed. It is the first thing all the bedrooms needs. You need to be very accurate while purchasing it because it should fit right in the place.

Bigger rooms can easily occupy a big bed and sofa separately. You can go for Twin beds separated by a little difference. These are perfect for both couples and multiples guests. But if your space is small, sleeper sofas can work wonder for you. Make them a comfortable sitting place in the day and change them into bed when you feel like sleeping.

Bedroom designers in Jayanagar

Another choice is to have a murphy bed. These work as a super comfy bed in the night and the morning, you can fold them up with the wall. The doors are covered walls which give the desired look. To make the bed more sleepful, add lots of pillows.

Add window coverings

Your guests come after a long journey, and they might want to have rest. The morning sunlight can disturb them from their peaceful sleep. Especially if they arrive late at night or you all had late night parties, the morning light will create a lot of disturbance. Cover your windows with floor length curtains to block sunlight properly.

Moreover, make sure the curtains match your bedsheets and the furniture in the room. According to top interior designers, curtains play a significant role in enhancing a room’s beauty.

Bedroom designers in Jayanagar

Create space to keep clothes

Add a table or chair or both to make a small vanity. Your guests might want to keep their clothes somewhere and giving them a small space to do so will make their stress of forgetting things less. Moreover, if you think the room is too small to add a separate table or chair, use dressers as a side table. They will look great, and you will have some extra storage space for your guests.

Hooks for hanging

Things like a coat, umbrella, hats, and even keys need to be hanged so that you can find them in the right place. Whether you add hooks on walls or behind the door, make sure they are stylish and give the right combination to the paint of wall and door. The best thing is adding hooks behind the door because it will provide a private area and the room will not look disturbed. Also, when you remove hooks from walls, they leave some holes which look bad.  

Bedroom designers in Jayanagar

Create sitting

If space allows add a table and two chairs and create a small sitting space for your guests to have their tea or coffee. Even in small areas, chairs in the side of the bed will look cool, and in that case, you can install a small table instead of stylish nightstands that which don’t have proper space to keep utensils.

Arrange tea and snacks

Let your guests enjoy their tea and snacks in their private area. Some people love to have tea or coffee late at night, and they will feel shy to ask for it at night. A tray with a teapot, tea and coffee bags, cup and vase is not a big deal. It will make your guests feel so good and will leave a good impression. Also, put some packed snacks, fruits, and anything you know your guest loves so that they can fill their tummies whenever they feel.

Bedroom designers in Jayanagar

That “all you need” basket

Get a big basket with towels, bedsheets, a robe, and other usable things and place it in the room. Make sure that the basket is easily visible so that guests don’t miss it. The basket stashed with everything of their needs will make it easy for them to freshen up and have a better day at your place.

Welcome mat

A rug under the bed will give a perfect welcome to your guests. Place it horizontally under the sofa and bed. The guest will love to feel something under their legs. Usually, traveling makes legs feel tired. Some rugs can make us feel after the journey. Try to get one such and add it to the floor.

Add bedside lamps

Home interior designers advise putting a bedside lamp in the guest bedroom. Some of them might be bookoholics, and they will love to have a good read without disturbing others. This is what some of the Best Interior Designer in Bangalore will suggest.

Bedroom designers in Jayanagar

Nightstand with some essentials

Add a nightstand as a side table, or you can even use a small bookshelf to store some useful things. Keep some magazines, books, and other travel essential things that they might have forget to keep in their bags.

Personalized gallery

End to end interior designers in Bangalore suggests having a gallery wall in the guest room. You can add pictures if guests you are very close or you can place your family pics.

An alarm clock

A small alarm clock will help them get up on time so that they don’t miss anything important.

Cleanliness and odor

The guest room should be kept clean and free of any bad smell. Lousy odor leaves an awful impression on people’s mind.

Add a mirror

Hang a small mirror in the room so that they can do their makeup without any hassles.