Finally, you make the decision to have an interior designer give your home the transformation it deserves. But first, how do I know the best? You ask yourself. You get yourself a list of interior designers in Bangalore and run through your precious list and there is Magnon India. We have a team of highly organized designers with great communication skills. Whatever your needs are we try to understand them and interpret them into a room that is ideal for you. We stick to the budget, we know how important the budget plan is and we try to stick to it.

Our portfolio of bespoke designs are tailored to suit your needs are available for your appraisal, our customer service team is also available to answer any question relating our previous works,  you can visit us as well to check out our services. At Magnon India, time is of utmost importance so we take the time frame stipulated for a project seriously. Compared to other designers on your list of interior designers in Bangalore, our costing is affordable and friendly. We do not compromise on quality and design. So while it is important to give you an affordable design it is also extremely important to us that the design is of high quality.

At Magnon India we top the list of interior designers in Bangalore. We have a design that will suit your style, our contract is well thought out and we aim to build a relationship with our clients. We understand your budget and work within its range. We also have qualified interior designers that have the desired project management skills to meet your goal line.