Bathroom sinks should be indispensable, timeless, durable and appealing. As we know that bathrooms are a place where luxury meets elegance. It is the place, which needs to be kept clean as it is generally judged by people. There are various types of bathroom sinks, in terms of designs that can be installed as per your bathroom layout. All of these things need to be comfortable as all the daily refreshing work like washing your face, brushing your teeth if done in the bathroom. Moreover, homeowners generally prefer having a bathroom which is of low maintenance, easy to use and the one that increases the value of your house. Generally, shapes and sizes play a very important role in choosing a kitchen sink. These sinks are circular, rectangular, triangular, oval, cubicle etc. On a clear note, the design does not matter, you can have any design of your own, either wavy or straight. Let’s have a closer look on to these amazing designs that you can adopt in your bathroom. If you are unable to understand which a perfect design for your bathroom is, you can contact the best interior designers in Bangalore or Independent House interior designers in Bangalore.

How about having a unique blacktop with Rustic black sink. Black colour generally specifies elegance, dominance and lots of power. Black colour will suit your interiors, it can easily complement with grey, cream, white or any other sheet. You can have golden accented hardware complemented with yellow lights. You can have built-in cabinet lights or pendant lights that beautify your countertop. Apart from this the look of black along with golden rustic texture, then looks perfect on a small bathroom. The shape of your countertop can be a circular bowl with the regular cabinet keeping it very simple and classical.

  1. You can have a wall-mounted sink if you have a small bathroom. it is a very authentic type of washroom sink. it takes up very less space and is perfect for homeowners with mini bathrooms. This bathroom sink is very easy to install.
  2. A pedestal sink has its sink fixed on a pedestal, which serves as a stand for raising it high up. Unlike the wall-mounted bathroom basin, pedestal basin has its; plumbing fittings and connexions covered by the pedestal, floor support and, doesn’t need to be attached to the wall. To know more about the design and shape, contact the best interior designers in Bangalore.
  3. Vessel sinks sit high enough to keep you from bending over if you need to brush your teeth or clean your face, elegantly atop your counter. The sinks of boats take the form of a deep bowl placed on a counter. It needs the use of pop-up drains to be one of the contemporary bathroom sink types. To know more you can figure out the best Luxury villa interior designers in Bangalore.
  4. Under-mount Sink, installed from beneath your countertop, held by caulks or specialized adhesives. Bathrooms are easy to clean with this sort of fixtures. This bathroom sink is ideal and simple to save counter space. Both fittings and connexions are secured and concealed within the counter in the under-mount bathroom sink.
  5. Console Sink is a unique variety of both the wall-mounted sink and the pedestal, extremely authentic and stunning. The legs for floor support are most commonly made of metal, but they may also be available in ceramics or porcelain. There are uncovered plumbing fittings and supply lines, and 2 or 4 legs hold up the sink. If you are a non-Bangalore person just Google the best interior designer near me and find your perfect match.
  6. Drop-In, for a bathroom countertop, a drop-in basin is perfect, where the basin is placed in the centre of a standard surface. The drop in the basin is fitted with a large rim, making installation very simple. All that is needed is a hole in your countertop that is correctly sized, and the sink is easily placed in the hole and protected and backed by its rim.
  7. Corner Mounted Sink, for a specific reason, is placed on corners. This is useful when your bathroom walls do not have space to spare. Corner sinks are deliberately designed to go along the sides of the wall with room efficiency in mind, as opposed to wall-mounted sinks that are designed to go through flat walls.
  8. Corner Vessel Sink, This is a hybrid of two styles of sinks already described, it is a two-sided shape built for corner mounting with a 90 ° angle and it also sits on top of the countertop rather than being wall-mounted like the corner sink pictured above. It has the advantages of looking sleek and modern, but it takes up most of the space on the vanity and typically needs a higher mounted sink faucet, the pluses and minuses of this a blend of the two.

In the end, just make sure that the height of the sink basin for your bathroom should be around 16- 20’ inches in diameter. It’s big enough for your hands to wash. From one end to the other, a rectangular or oval-shaped one maybe about 20-25’. The basin should have a depth of around six inches. On your surface, it can slowly shift inward or you can use an alternative where there are clearly defined solid walls where each part of the basin is 6′ deep. The primary purpose is to stop the splashing of water out of sink bowl.

To know more about the design and shape, contact the best interior designers in Bangalore or Luxury villa interior designers in Bangalore. If you are a non-Bangalore person just Google the best interior designer near me.