The living room is a place to sit and have some fun with the people you love. It is your family seating, get together place for friends, and your indoor fun spot too. It could also be called the most comforting nook of your mansion. It has ample seating space, some fun elements, and decoration that speak the interest of the whole family. One thing that most people don’t know is that your living room is much more than just sofas and a family wall. The Bangalore interior design architects can decorate the room in such a way that you will be amazed by the beauty.

Bangalore interior design architects

The modern living rooms are the best thing to pick inspiration because nothing is more contemporary and comfortable than them. As we all know, modern designs emerged at the start of the 20th century; it is still as modern as it was earlier. From traditionally modern to the mid-century vibes, the period has offered such sleek and chic styles that we are never short of inspiration.

Bangalore interior design architects

Designing a modern interior, especially when it’s a living room, takes a lot of effort. You might not face many issues if you hire Bangalore interior design architects. But if you think of doing it yourself, you will need to do some hard work finding the right ideas.

To make it all a bit simpler for you, we have collected some modern living room design ideas below.

Wood is good

All wood living rooms add a vintage effect and make the best modern living room. Since modern designs are all about natural elements, going woody will create a sophisticated balance in the room. Wooden panels, hardwood floors, and brownish wooden furniture will make the best combo.

Bangalore interior design architects

Wooden chairs and tables will complete the look, and you will not have to do much about the decor as well. You can add more beauty to the room with some greenery. You can keep it simple as well if you don’t want to go for plants. Some stones and wooden accessories on the shelves will add more glam.

Mix it with Boho

Boho is vibrant and fun. If all-natural and aesthetics seem monotonous, mixing boho elements will make it praiseworthy. Add a pop of color with rugs. You can also bring in patterns and beautiful florals with upholstery, rugs, and pillows. The boho elements will surely make the room exciting and better.

Bangalore interior design architects

Have you ever tried ottoman? It’s undoubtedly the best way to add some boho elements without having to go OTT.

If you are thinking to add boho inspiration, make sure you paint the room in light shades such as white, peach, blush pink, pale pink, and beige.

Simple yet Glam

Invest in functional furniture that’s more about comfort rather than the decor. The decoration is important, but make sure it doesn’t go over comfort. The Bangalore interior design architects suggest combining neutral colors for the glamorous look. With simple furniture, you can add beauty with some shiny metallic decor items.

You can add the shine with a beautiful ceiling mounted lamp or chandelier.

Also, don’t forget to add a luxurious table accessory such as a flower pot and you are done.

Technology as a Part of the Decor

Your back framed television needs some geometric prices to complement the overall look. Add dark pallets, clean lines, and some beautiful accessories in darker grays and blacks.

The overall ominous atmosphere of the room can be made attractive with the help of unexpectedly shaped paintings and accessories. You can also paint geometric designs on canvas and hang it in the room.

A simple table will lose all it’s a charm in such a dark atmosphere. The Bangalore interior design architects suggest opting for a glass table with metallic frames.

Bold Accents

When you go simple, it’s advised to add bare essentials paired with neutral colors, but adding bold accents as some points will make it even more enjoyable. Add a lot of shine with sparkles and colors.

You don’t need to add bold colors if you don’t want to and you can still go bold with a captivating painting. Add a delicate aura with charming wallpaper to create beautiful textures and designs.

Bold accents allow you to add something different yet attractive to disturb the monotony of the room. Keep everything else simple and natural.


Houseplants are something that everyone shall add in there room. You can have potted plants in your living room in a free corner. Add indoor plants to add interest. You can have violets in an all-white living room. Succulents tend to be the best addition because they don’t need much care and watering.

Bangalore interior design architects

Small indoor plants can be placed on tables and shelves. If you want something big, choose a corner and add a big pot with a beautiful plant.

You can also add vertical plants with beautiful vertical containers painted in themed colors.


Modern interiors always come with the less is more philosophy, and you have to follow that to maintain the look. A simple, comfortable sofa and a rug that adds warmth will make the base of your living room. Add a small yet simple coffee table to start with the minimalistic look.

Bangalore interior design architects

Bring natural and organic elements of the outdoors in, and you will find the living room turning more beautiful. If your living room can have glass walls, have it. It will bring immense light and elegance to your interior. You can cover the walls with blinds for privacy.

Follow these tips and create the best living room that seems interesting to you. You can have a sofa, a rug, a table, and a tv as the essentials and to add a personalized touch, the family wall still holds a role. Make sure to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in the room because that will make it the best place to escape the world with your best people. You can also ask for a little guidance from a famous designer for a better experience.

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