Old, New, Ancient or Ancestral, whatever may be your home. How different, would be from abode of you neighbors, if it fails to show your lifestyle. Whether you’re a family of four or forty, a nuclear or a joint family. You can call, your house or residence home only if it feels, more than an address on your Aadhar Card or your Driving license. What better way to make it feel so, than getting its interior to speak for itself? Well, there are investments and there are investments that reap benefits beyond the value of the initial cost. The picture brightens even further, when the interiors is designed, produced and installed by an award-winning interior designer in Bangalore.

The Why 

Interior Designer in Bangalore

Although, there are more than a couple of thousand interior designers in Bangalore. The best interiors designer’s standout of the rest. 1500+ projects, and a number of houses later, we at Magnon Interiors are happy to be listed to be one of the best interior designers in Bangalore by our clients. You ask why? Well, you get what you see and we build what you want.

Custom designed, Kitchen cabinets to shoe racks, main door designs to end to interiors in Bangalore. Our highly qualified and trained team of experts, can be called well equipped to feed the need of any Décor design requirements. In short, if you have an idea, we have the design and production expertise to get it installed at your home/residence.

In case, as an effect of the lockdown and the problems caused by the virus you are on a budget. We present you Ozo Kitchen, also an award -winning interior design and modular kitchen manufacturer in Bangalore. This sister brand of ours, predominantly work on affordable modular kitchen designs and will produce and install them as usual.  We know your what your kitchen needs do you? If you do then, what are you waiting for log on to www.ozokitchen.com and explore designs by our brand. Once decided, you can mail in your requirements.

The How 


Although, if you prefer to talk in person with any of the best interiors in Bangalore on our team. Please take, a closer look at our location on google maps as shown below. You can also, call us on 8880646464/9590351351, to confirm your visit to our experience centers located on Kanakapura Road and HRBR Layout. Rest assured, on your arrival we will go the distance to make your visit truly fees able.

To speak, a little bit more about our parent firm Magnon Interiors. We would, like to share the fact of us, being in business for the past decade or so. We operate, as an end to end interior designer in Bangalore and have been awarded with an ISO Certification for the quality of our work and also, we have been featured on a premier and well-known interior design magazine and named among the top interior designers in Bangalore.

You decide the When and What 

interior design company in bangalore

To explore designs, and to find what fits your house, log on to www.magnonindia.com , after which you can mail us on reachus@localhost