Magnon Interiors, for the best Apartment Renovation in Bangalore will provide A guide for windows at Home in this blog.

Apartment Renovation in Bangalore

Before we starts discussion on windows, let’s ask you one question. Why do we have windows for our home? We are sure the common answer would be, to allow the passage of natural light and air into our home. But many of us do not understand that windows also can greatly influence the overall appearance of our home. It is also one of the most important elements in interior designing. Not just the shape, size and material there are many things you should consider when selecting and placing windows at your home. Here’s some points you should keep in mind when you buy windows for your new home.


The one for all rules doesn’t work for windows. The windows that you place in your living room or bedroom may not help in kitchen. So understand that each room in the house will require a different window style depending on the functionality of the window.  Once you select the window styles for each room depending on their functionality, now, its turn to decide on their look. Even though we recommend different windows for different rooms it our best interior designer in hennur road suggest giving the windows a unique appeal.


Windows particularly installs in the outer walls of the home have to face all the environmental pressure. Also they will need timely cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking new. The windows that is worn out can give your whole home a gloomy look. So always select the windows depending on your ability to maintain them. If you cannot spend much time, go for the window models that is easy to clean and maintain.

Apartment Renovation in Bangalore


We build our homes keeping generations in mind. It is one of the proudest assets we would love to pass it on to our next generations, so window material selection should be made keeping the quality in mind. Even though replacement of windows in possible it will require lot of efforts and may also disturb the walls in which the window is placed. So, our expert interior designers in Bangalore suggest making the quality the highest priority in window selection.


We all will definitely remember the old days where some of the window models would be extremely difficult to close/ open. But the new window models like casement windows, sliding windows gives great flexibility to open/close easily. So rooms which needs the windows to be often closed and opened that too by old people or children needs to have the windows that are easy to operate but great at providing safety.

Apartment Renovation in Bangalore


When selecting the windows one of the most important things to consider is safety. Based on the place where we are installing the window you should select the type of window and material of the window. So don’t just go for the looks, for windows and doors the most important aspect should be the safety they can provide. Safety not only means that they are strong to be unbroken when thieves or extreme whether conditions pressure them, It also means you should select them keeping in mind whether it is accessible to children in home, on which floor the window is placed, on what height it is placed. So our expert designers suggest keeping all these points in mind to ensure the safety.

Installation and replacement:

We don’t often replace windows, but there will be times when we really want give our home a new look, And windows being exposed to sun, rain and dust tend to worn out over time despite of the material and quality they are build of. Also many would love to replace their windows to the recent time trends or their needs. So it preferable to opt for easy to install and replace windows which would require less effort install/replace them.

Apartment Renovation in Bangalore


Windows also needs to be opted depending on your location and whether your city/town would experience. For example, if your place receives lot of rainfall and you want to enjoy the cold breeze even when its raining selecting styles like awning windows would let you open the windows even when its raining. Likewise you can select the windows according to your preferences like how much light/ air you would prefer to enter in a particular room.


There are numerous types of window glasses available in the market. Selecting the type of the glass is one of the most important step in selecting the windows. Again you should select glass keeping all your preferences in mind like if it block light or allow light. It should be seen through or not, whether you prefer tinted glass or normal glass. And points like hardness of the glass to provide you safety, its ability to block harmful U.V rays etc.

Apartment Renovation in Bangalore


Wooden, Aluminium, Vinyl and many, again you have numerous options in selecting the type of frames for your windows. This selection is quite important since the type of frame you select     plays an important role in forming the structure of the window and how it looks. There are many types of frames available in different materials and each type come with own set of pros and cons. Our top interior designers in banaswadi suggest you to always consider some main features like durability, affordability and appearance of the type of the type of frame before you buy them.

Apartment Renovation in Bangalore

So, next time when you are looking to buy windows for your new home or looking to replace your old windows don’t forget to consider these points suggested by our professionals. This would definitely make it easy for you to choose the best windows designs for your home. Take help of our professional interior designers in hennur road to make every inch of your home alluring and majestic. At Magnon, we manufacture all your interiors in our own factory using the most advanced German technology and ensure to provide high quality interiors, and most trendy designs at affordable prices.