Simple Guide to Bohemian Style Interior Designing

Apartment and villa interior designers in Bangalore, when you are full of life and culture and want your home to represent the same, boho comes as the right clue. The way it adds interest to the house with some basic and natural elements is what attracts us more towards it. The trend embraces cleanliness and carelessness together giving a relaxed feeling. The variability in similarity is the smart quality of boho, and we love that most because even with the same theme, we want every room to appear different.

Apartment and villa interior designers in Bangalore

Artistic people who want their home to open their hearts can only get boho right. Boho is best for writers, travelers, painters, actors and everyone who loves something different and unusual. The  Apartment and villa interior designers in Bangalore say that if you want to see aestheticism flying in the place, nothing could help you better than bohemian styled does. To help all those who wish to have the boho feeling in their homes, the below guide is a quick book.

The BohoColor Pallet

Boho is known for breaking the rules, but still, there are some tips you can keep in mind for a better look. From jewel tones to metallic shades and the natural earthy hues, boho covers a wide range of interesting colors. All-time favorite gray serves as the best shade for base along with other colors such as greens, and deep brown. Well, all green or all brown will rarely look good, but if you accessorize it with some vibrant colors like fiery orange, electric blue, and saturated purple, the overall theme will turn around classy.

The best thing about bohemian styles is that it lets you mix and match patterns and textures. You can be experimental with conventionally rejected matches and prove them right. Explore the textiles around the world and bring the best boho-inspired pieces.

Decor Pieces

There is nothing more when you are following boho, and that’s why you can showcase everything you have collected till today. Boho also has a special taste in rugs, curtains, pillows, and even the bed sheets and covers of your furniture.

Apartment and villa interior designers in Bangalore

The interior decorators say that the naturally worn look will seem better than shiny and new looking materials. The thing is you have to use natural fabrics we have been using since ages such as chenille and silk and mix them with burlap and sisal for that versatile appearance. All of us have seen our grannies using the crochet to make pillows with frills and macrame. Boho has brought their time back. Don’t worry; we are not asking you to do that; everything is already there in the market.

Boho Complements Vintage Furniture

It’s hard to find vintage furniture at stores because we get the pieces right at our home after using the furniture for some time. You can check for second-hand items for that vintage look. The second-hand pieces will help you both ways: the expense will be reduced, and you will have exactly what you wanted. Moreover, have a look at what you have at home and how it could be used with the new theme. Some painting or furnishing can easily make it the best fit.

Apartment and villa interior designers in Bangalore

The furniture in the room must be comfy. The low height sofas topped with overstuffed pillows will make the best combo. Plush chairs, couches, butterfly chairs, daybeds, chaises longues, and other relaxed pieces must be your pick when you are high on boho. The straight and streamlined furniture that can’t welcome the guests with the feeling to sit and relax on the cozy seating should not be your choice.

The Lighting Guide

The calm and welcoming feel of boho style will be incomplete without proper lighting. Ambient lighting looks great when decorated smartly in the home. You should avoid overhead fixtures and use lamps for the real feel. Table and floor lamps, lanterns, and candles serve as the best lighting material for boho inspired homes. The Apartment and villa interior designers in Bangalore say that mixing and matching different sized lights in various shapes can make the home glow more.

Minimalism Is Not Right

Boho is far away from minimalism because empty spaces don’t follow the trends. Decorate beautiful sculptures, antique pieces, wallpapers, and stones to enhance the overall look. The beauties you collected on your trips over the time want s space in your home, and you can always put them on display with boho. You feel a proud antique collector because you don’t have to keep the house empty and choose things that you can showcase, boho can cover up everything.

Apartment and villa interior designers in Bangalore


Adding dimension to a room without compromising over peace and relaxation should not give you a headache because home interior designers in Bangalore have something entirely out of the box for you. The African violets and other indoor plants add a pop of color disturbing the emptiness of the room. The affordability, easy maintenance, and air purifying ability of these plants make them the best thing you could have in your boho-inspired home. You can give them a place on a table, shelf, or near the window. If nothing seems great, find an empty wall to hang your plant beauties to create a new outstanding look.

Apartment and villa interior designers in Bangalore

Layering Patterns

Explore the broadest range of patterns, scales, styles, contrasts, colors, shoes, and sizes for rugs, curtains, and covers. You will feel like having the best part of your life while picking what you love, mixing them with totally unrelated stuff, and matching to create layers. Boho allows you to avoid the disjoint feeling by layering. The reason is when you tend to add too much of decor pieces and everything random, the sense of separateness is sure to come.

Apartment and villa interior designers in Bangalore

Metallic Mirrors

Metallic or mirrors or mirrors with metallic surfaces have their part in every interior designing trend, and boho is no exception. They add a focal point to your room providing more excellent opportunities to you while decorating.

Bring a round metallic lined mirror to accompany a vintage table and place an indoor plant over the table. The look is ready!