Well, you did it, although it may have taken a little longer than it should have. You finally did whatever it took, to step foot into the house of your dreams. We hate to break the bubble, yet is a house a home? You’d probably say no too. So, when does a house, become a home? 

When it shadows the lifestyle, preferences and such of its residents. What do you need to do, to achieve the same? You simply contact an Interior Designer. If your pockets are big then call the best interior designers in Bangalore or just log into www.magnonindia.com and mail into reachus@localhost to book a one on one discussion with famous interior designers in Bangalore. 

Moving on, once you finally manage to call us or any interior designer in Bangalore or any place of your residents. There are a few things you need to know from the interior designer before you choose that one interior designer who would work with you to build your home. 

What do you need to ask them? Do you need to know a lot? 

The answer is, no it certainly isn’t a lot you need to know. All you should be able to convey is, what you need, what you want and what is listed on your wish-list. Your needs can be explained to be, your requirements. Requirements in terms of usage, space and your colour and decor presences. While for an interior designer, it may be just another house, for you it is your home. 

A home in most cases, you’d grow old and become history in. They want part of your requirement, can be visualised on the lines of what you think, could fit into the floor plan in terms of decor. Maybe an extra side table or an antique mirror in your room. This list of want would simply consist of decor and non-decor items, you’d probably not need, yet would want to blend in with the interior design of your home. 

A desire can certainly be explained, to witness and move into the home of your dreams in the end. Sadly though, every interior decor requirement in most cases ends up moving through many changes by the time it reaches production and installation stage. 

Hence as explained, all you should be able to convey is everything and anything you want to add as a part of the home decor. It may be small or maybe a very unique addition. Nothing less, nothing more, know what you know clearly enough to convey the same to an interior designer

What do you need to ask them? 

Well if reviewed from an interior designer’s perspective, we need to know everything hatching in your mind. Colour preferences to decor preferences, storage space needed for daily usage. While some of would need a large wardrobe, with enough space to keep our clothes, shoes, pullover, blazers and zippers and such. A few others, wouldn’t need so much storage space after all. 

When reviewed from a homeowners perspective, he/she should ask questions on the lines of the companies material quality, turn around time, options in decor, colour options, credibility, price, company’s track record and each and everything you need to know, to clarify if what is shown and marketed is what is given. In many cases, there had certainly been instances when companies just deny their claims in the end. As a result, homeowners end up losing a large sum of time, money and efforts. 

Moving on, to more critical questions that a homeowner should be given answers to. Listed below a few of the most frequently asked questions by our customers of Magnon India. 

What is the initial advance payment before the commencement of the interiors in your house? 

In most cases, companies would need at least a little more than half or even more percentage of the agreed payment. In the case of Magnon India, you’d need only to pay 50% of the decided final payment, no questions asked. 

Do GST and Taxes get added up in the final price offered? 

In our case it certainly does. Our final price certainly adds up GST and other taxes before you are billed in the end. However, in some cases, you’d need to pay an extra amount in cases, when designs are being changed more than the stipulated time, resulting in the other projects being delayed. 

Do you charge shipping and delivery cost? 

We don’t charge a rupee towards the shipping and delivery of your home decor to your residence. 

Can I cancel my order?

Ideally, you’d not be able to cancel your order once, you transfer an initial payment to us. However in cases, when we are not able to meet your requirements even after a lot of effort in terms of time, design and more. We readily, refund your initial payment and list you on your cancelled order list. 

How much do you charge for a design consultation? 

We don’t charge anything for 2D designs, once we receive the initial payment. However, we charge 2.5 % on 3D designs of flats and 5% in the case of Villa projects. 

Can I customise the design of my decor, according to my need and preference? 

At Magnon India, all the products we produce are 100% customisable in terms of colours, shade, make and finish. 

So on and so forth, there are many questions we answer and educate our customers and soon to be customers on. As interior designers, we believe in bringing every desire of a homeowner to live. However unique and out of the box, the requirement may be. 

Also with the help of our highly skilled and experienced team and designers, installers and sales professionals. Every order is produced, shipped and installed to several thousand homes today.

Over the past, five to six years, every requirement that reaches our table is being produced, executed and shipped as per the clients/customers specifications, in every sense possible. We truly believe in our business, industry and the talents, workmanship and skill of our employees and anything committed by Magnon India today. 

By the end of this read, if you feel the need to get your home redone log on to www.magnonindia.com, and once convinced mail into reachus@localhost and if you prefer a conversation on phone, you can always right us on +918880646464