The air conditioner has become a necessity in a world of rising temperature. Where issues like global warming and climate change are at its peak, surviving without the air conditioner becomes one of the toughest jobs. Currently, just 5% of Indian households are equipped with AC compared to 90% in the US and 60% in China. India’s AC market expected to explode from 30 million to a billion units by 2050. India is the world’s second-most populous country and could become the planet’s top user of electricity for cooling. You might be wondering, what things should be considered before purchasing an air-conditioner. Well, purchasing the air-conditioner is very easy. Are you needed to know is how many types of air-conditioner are available in the market? When you make a purchase of a air-conditioner, make sure that it suits your interior design. Just in case if you have a small room, a small AC would work. Whereas if you have a large interior design, a small AC wouldn’t be effective. If you are still confused about the situation of your house, you can consult a interior designer to help you out with the layout of your house. Various other questions need to be answered before purchasing an air-conditioner.

  • How big is your room?
  • Do you need a three and one air-conditioner?
  • Do you want a portable air-conditioner?
  • Does the AC save electricity in the long run?
  • How much you want to spend?
  • Will it be easy to install?
  • What about the ratings?
  • Does cooling capacity matter?



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Choosing which air conditioner to use depends on a variety of factors like how big the area is to be cooled, the overall heat produced within the surrounding area, etc. There are 3 types of Air Conditioners we are going to talk about, including a wall AC or split AC, Window AC and a portable AC. There are various advantages and disadvantages of these AC’s, let’s find out.

In a wall AC or a split AC, there are two separate cabinets, each on the sides of the wall known as a condenser and the compressor. The part inside the house contains the evaporator. The indoor cabinet comprises a furnace that has the evaporator coils mounted in the furnace supply duct. It provides the cheapest alternative to satisfy their needs. The capacity of these ACs varies from 0.75 to 3 Ton. As compared to a window AC, these are much better and don’t make noise.

Window AC is the most commonly used single room air conditioner. All the parts, including the compressor, condenser, cooling tube, expansion valve or loop, evaporator, are placed in one box in this air. This device is mounted in a slot built into the room’s wall, or more generally a window sill. There is no need for an external outdoor area such as split AC. It is also relatively less expensive than Split AC. It comes in Capacity size is between 0.75 and 2 tonnes with an Inbuilt Dust filter for handling small particles.

Portable air conditioners are becoming a common pattern in and around the world. They offer cooling comfort for the hotter rooms or they can bee used as the primary source of cooling for a home. Portable air conditioners are stand-alone ACs that provide ventilation in a specific space. The AC is Simple to set up. It is ideal for small, windowless rooms. These can conveniently be moved from one room to the next. They are quieter than the other AC’s. They use much more electricity as compared to others.

How to buy the right Air Conditioner?

How big is your room?

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The room size largely matters in choosing the type of AC you want. Lower the capacity, the Less will be the price and less electricity consumed. seasons and the weather also help you select a perfect air-conditioner. If the room size is 100 ft.², you can prefer a 0.8 ton AC. When the room size capacity is up to 1 50 ft.² then you can prefer a 1 ton AC. When the room size is up to 250 ft.² you can prefer a 1.5 ton AC. And if the room size is more than 400 ft.² you can prefer a two-ton AC. Generally, if you’re buying a high capacity air-conditioner you’ll end up paying high for the purchase. You can consult a residential interior designer in Bangalore, to know the perfect fit of your room.

3 in one (AC + Fan + Dehumidifier)

The AC must be 3 in 1 which includes an AC, fan and dehumidifier, To adjust all type of weather conditions. A dehumidifier is needed to curb all the humidity in the room in situations of rain whereas a fan is required to stimulate the cooling. There are various air-conditioners like blue Star one ton portable AC, Honeywell portable AC, Eugene four in one portable AC, all have 3 in 1 feature. All these come with a three in one feature. These are highly effective and most recommended. It’s always better to have 1 instead of 3. Well, it a money-saving deal. The three in one feature will go with your modern interior design layout, making your home smart and comfortable.

Do you want a portable AC?

It is always preferred to have a portable AC. Most of the times people only have one air-conditioner at their homes. Having a portable AC helps them move from one room to the other. Apart from this window AC and split AC has large units that cannot be carried from one place to another easily. You need to employ labour and resources to move these units. Hence it is preferred to have a portable AC that does not require labour and also saves money.Renovating your interior design with a portable AC is one of the best ideas today as it is cost effective and powerful

Does the AC save electricity in the long run?

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If you want to save electricity then either you can purchase a portable AC or an inverter AC. Inverter AC is a form of split AC that reduces your bill amount. Inverter AC has an inbuilt inverter technology that eliminates wasted operation by efficiently controlling motor speed. In these ACs temperature is adjusted by changing speed without turning the motor off and on. Due to this, the motor speed remains constant and the temperature is adjusted easily. Search process does not consume more energy and reduces your electricity bill. Most of the air-conditioners today follow the inverter technology. These might be expensive as compared to the others.How much you want to spend?

There are various AC that is budget-friendly and can be affordable. It depends upon the AC capacity. If the AC capacity is high the air-conditioner costs higher. There are various other air-conditioners which are of excellent quality but then are expensive also. There are various air-conditioners which are affordable and also have one of the excellent features required like a Hitachi 1.5 ton AC, LG 1.5 ton five Star Ac, Blue Star, Voltas, Carrier and Samsung provide you with budget-friendly good quality ACs. AC is a necessity these days, spending on it is worth it.

What about the ratings?

Apart from this another parameter to compare AC is stars. A five star AC is one of the best-rated air-conditioner available in the market. There are three-star ACs and seven-star ACs which are preferred as per price and usability. Experts suggest having a five star AC if the usage of your air conditioner is more than eight hours. Most of the five-star if you consume less power, reducing your electricity bills.

If you have an amazing interior design layout along with a modular kitchen and amazing smart features in your home then it is always preferred to have good quality appliances. Hence prefer a five-star or seven star air-conditioner for your smart home.

Does colling capacity matter?

Cooling capacity is another great factor that needs to be kept in mind before purchasing an air-conditioner. The cooling capacity of an AC is calculated in British thermal units. This means that how much heat can be a C eliminate from the air in a certain period of time. The cooling capacity is proportional to the numbers. For an area of around 15 0 ft.², the cooling capacity needs to be 2(24000BTU). If you purchase a high power AC for a small room or a less power AC for a large room, it will deteriorate faster. In fact, at times, this condition creates a short circuit within the unit due to overload.To figure out the Cooling capacity keeps in mind the interior design layout as it  play an essential role while deciding which AC is required for your house. In case you have a complex interior design, you require a very powerful air-conditioner.

Easy Installation

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When we talk about easy installation, split AC and window AC is not at all easy to install and require lots of equipment and manual labour. If you are willing to invest, then you can hire a professional. The process of fixing these ACs is quite complex and long. Various ACs come with a fitting guide to help in installation but still, it remains a very chaotic and complicated process. Hence, Portable ACs are more preferable because they require no installation.

Apart from this various other features can be that the air-conditioner must have antibacterial filters along with dust filters. Dust filters are the ones that capture small dust particles easily. The AC must have auto cleaning technology, to clean bacterial depositions and moulds.

So these are all the essential features that you need to consider before purchasing an air-conditioner. In the end, make sure that the room size and the AC capacity are constant and consistent. Out of all these features, having an air conditioner that has a three in one feature is the best. Choosing the best will help you reduce your long electricity bills and help you survive the hot weather.

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