Many things in life, you like it or not is decided by the desiring cells in your body. Not sure if they exist, although they seem to fit in perfectly with the sentence. I am sure every one of us reading this now, would look right at our high priced phones and cringe in guilt. Well, let’s just say somethings in life look better in your hands than in an ad you see on TV or Online. While some of us, manage to stay away from the so-called luxuries of life. A few others just believe in living in the moment. 

Interior designers bridge this gap, that exists in the society. The unpleasant bridge between, the so-called” luxuries” and the bare necessities in life. We at Magnon India, strive all we can and more in times of crisis to make your house a home. Interior design is just a tool, we use to bring all your dreams to life under one roof at a price that leaves your pockets unburnt. 

All our designs, wardrobes to kitchen cabinets to side tables and study tables, everything that you can find on the desktops and laptops of our interior designers are a testament to our belief. We simply working towards building a world where minimalism is a luxury. A luxury while being affordable is also being accessible to every person in this world. 

While luxury, when defined, can be very personal in every person’s eyes. The freedom to call your house your home, by adding a touch of your personality, culture, tradition and such, is what we work towards empowering you with. Home feels like home, only when it looks, feels and resonates with the tales of that memorable past in your life. 

Interior Designer in Bangalore

Each design we create, produce and install in the end is truly different in its make, finish, colour, shape, size and more. As they say, no brain is programmed to act the same way to a given situation. Similarly, no design is sketched out to be the same, neither on paper nor as an end product while being shipped, and installed at your homes. 

We don’t believe in producing products, that scream their prices out without justifying its credibility. As also mentioned clearly, in our logo we strive to achieve an aura where living is redefined. We as interior designers, want to be remembered as facilitators and not as profit-making giants

The answer, simply to the question discussed is no. If seen that way, there is nothing else you need other than the bare minimums. “Roti, Kapada aur Makan”. Yet we choose to shower ourselves with fancy houses, cars, watches and whatnot. The prices of these items, always seem to cross staggering numbers. 

We empower their dreams and do whatever is needed to help live the dream. You may point out the prices of our wardrobes when taken as an example and call us expensive. While some of you, don’t mind, paying a few more thousands, but stress a lot on our quality and delivery time. 

While it may not be, easily possible for us to strike all those boxes at this point all at once. We are doing all we can to improve the quality and delivery time of our products. On the other hand, the prices when compared with our counterparts are made to be easily affordable. However, if your pockets don’t hold that kind of money all at once. We also offer EMI payment plans, where you can pay out the remaining amount in monthly instalments. 

Interior Designer in Bangalore

If we were able to give your questions, a justifiable answer then please log on to our website and if you want to feel like having a chat with any of the best interior designers in Bangalore who are a part of our team. Then please mail into reachus@localhost, or you can also call us on +918880646464. 

While if you still strongly feel, you still don’t need an interior designer. You can simply log on to our blog section and review the changes, we were able to bring to several houses we helped design into a home. We are not here to sell, we are here to educate, empower and enroute all our customers into making every dream come true, come what may. 

In the future to come, we want to reach out to every household in the country and later in the world. To make interior design an accessible luxury. Everything in life should be a choice, made by the heart, not by the monetary value it carries on its price tag. White our products and services have a price tag, we make sure every penny invested by you is justified until the end of your project. 

Interior Designer in Bangalore

If you have a design in mind today and you feel your pockets don’t support it. Walk into either our Kanakpura Road showroom or our Banaswadi showroom and explore the possibility of it with an interior designer for free. While you decide on its deliverables, if convinced with our viewpoints pay an advance that fits your pocket to kick start the design and near-production of your dream design. 

On the other hand, if you’re not convinced by our words of wisdom. Then we would be more than welcome to show you some of the work we did in the past. We are more than ready to walk you any of our projects, to justify our credibly in terms of our product quality, customer satisfaction and anything holding you back from moving in with us on this journey. We justify our price to the penny.