Art is a way of presenting emotions. It reflects experiences, inner feelings, and hopes, in the best possible way. Everyone feels connected with artistic pieces. Having admiration for art means your soul is active and live. It keeps you connected to the world which itself is an art. Art makes you happy by evoking emotions. Art creates a peaceful environment with the positive vibes it keeps. The art in your home decor , in any way can add an ample amount of sophistication. It creates a sense of calmness and a feeling of freshness. 

Interior Designers suggest that art is like a source of positivity and happiness. The simple logic here is we buy artistic pieces that we love and the things we love always fill us with happiness. If you have followed feng shui, you must have learned that keeping art pieces that you love imitate good chi (energy) at home. Even feng shui appreciates the placement of sophisticated art pieces such as Budha statue and fountain to create a happy and peaceful environment. 

Artworks Are Love 

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Many theories and researches have proved that things that we love have a great influence on creating happiness around us. When you admire the art around you, no matter the form of art, it triggers the love feelings in you. You feel free and happy. According to a neurobiologist, Semir Zeki, the brain behaves the same way with art pieces as it behaves when you fall in love. 

Artworks Work As A Healing Therapy 

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Nature and art have the strongest healing powers. They can not only add beauty to your Home Decor but also create an environment that heals your mind and soul. You won’t believe it, but it has become a popular therapy in the field of health and medicine. Art not only heals you in its visual form, but it also soothes your soul when you create it. From painting to crafting, everything artistic makes you feel better. You don’t need to be talented, you only need to explore the creative punch lying deep inside you. When you get on the unique journey of creation, all the wounds on your soul are healed. 

Artworks Create Happiness 

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There is no doubt about it. We only add artworks that create happiness. We add a fountain because it makes us feel happy, we create a gallery wall because it shows the lovely moments shared with our family and seeing them every day is pleasing. Our everyday experiences and conversations can tell us what is trendy and what looks good. But, what creates happiness is totally different. The pieces you choose with that feeling of love, at first sight, can only trigger the happy vibes in you. The shapes and sizes that make you fall again and again add an air that satisfies. 

Artwords Add Positivity 

Though there are various artworks that are specifically designed to add positivity, everything that you feel connected with and has good memories adds positivity. Everything bought with love and with no sadness connected to it in any form (visual and memorial) has a positive impact on you. A color that’s considered highly positive can be irritating to you. So, add colors that make you feel positive.  

Add Your Favorites And You Will See The Magic 

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From images to small objects, and scenes, there’s a lot to explore. Everyone has some favorites, and those favorites do the magic all the time. a house becomes a home when the people living in it are happy. The happiness of people is connected with things they love and that’s why the designers suggest adding your favorite artworks. The art can be anything from your 4th class cute drawing to the crafty piece you purchased during your recent piece. The favorites have the magic of connection that evokes feelings. The feelings add sophistication of love in the air. 

Art Has An Impact On The Mind 

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Body and soul are controlled by the mind. Heart and mind are two of the most crucial parts of the body. While what we love appeals to our heart, it also positively influences our mind. Art is something that fills the heart with joy and reduces the tons of burden we keep on our mind. Art eliminates the pressure from our brain and relieves it by turning our thoughts in the thoughtful direction of art. Those who are fighting with stress and anxiety might find solace under the influence of art. It sophisticates love in heart and power in the brain. 

Personalized Art Can Add Depth 

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Personalized art can be family photos, portraits, and paintings. These artistic works have a great in-depth influence because of the personal bond we have with them. The memories from a wonderful trip captured in a picture will always spread happiness. Create a gallery wall and those happy faces will fill you with more power and courage every time you see them. 

Art Improves Sensitivity

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The sensitive approach to life and the realization of self evolves with our choice of art. According to researchers, how you react to art and what you love in those pieces evolves throughout life. It evolves like a pyramid. You love the very basic things in life at the lowest part of the pyramid and the love for sophisticated pieces enhances with the evolution of thoughts. The top of that pyramid is an art and that’s why it’s the epitome of sensitivity. 

Wherever you add the artistic prices, make sure it adds happiness. Talk with everyone in the family and add something for everyone. The living room should have something for everyone, the bedroom must have personal choices, and the kitchen must make the cook feel happy. You should also add art in your bathrooms because shower taking is also a soul healing lroce