In this technological world, we all have become mechanised. We lead a suffocating life that offers only anxiety and depression. The workload, fast running life, and complicated relationships leave no peace. And after a tiring day with all this, we all need a restful break at home. A home that feels welcoming and relaxed is what we all desire. Do you know what the best way to add peace and harmony to a home is? It lies in the arrangement of your already present stuff only. But, who knows the best arrangements and organisation to add calmness? Feng shui is the answer given by the top interior decoration on Banashankari road. 

Feng shui decor directly means something calm and relaxing. Feng shui is known for peace and positive energy. The feng shui decor rules add good power, also called chi in the home. The Feng Shui decor laws focus on the arrangement and orientation of items in the house for a better flow of energy. Not everyone knows all the rules of feng shui decor as it is more than a fountain and Budha statue. If you’re also thinking to go for feng shui decor, but don’t know all the rules, we have got it sorted. Read on to explore a guide to feng shui decor. 

Start Decluttering Your Home To Make Space For Good Chi . According to feng shui, you must create space for good energy to occupy your home. Declutter your home every few days and keep it organised. The concept that lies behind it is removing old energy residues from home to make space for good energy.  According to feng shui, adding positive decor in a decluttered home will make no sense as there is still negative energy occupying the space. Clean your home, make repairs, arrange your stuff and throw away useless items. 

Choose Colours That Feel Close To The Heart 

Sometimes we are suggested to paint particular areas in specific fixed colours. According to home interior designers in Banaswadi, there is no such rule in feng shui. Feng shui suggests opting shades that make you feel happy and enjoyable. You don’t necessarily need to go for limited shades, but whatever shades you choose must fill you with delight.  The importance of colour lies in how you feel about it. A freshly painted wall of any colour will always send better vibes than an older one. 

Mind Your Furniture Arrangement 

First of all, your furniture must be placed close to the wall. The back of the sofa must face the main wall of the room. Don’t forget to maintain a few inches gap to keep the flow of energy maintained. The next thing you need to do is avoid placing any furniture piece in such a way that it blocks the path. Maintain moving space so that energy can flow without disturbance.  Arrange little sofas or accent chairs in intimate groups for a positive flow of energy. It promotes better relationships and good conversations. 

The Shape Of Coffee Table Matters

The interior designers suggest opting for a round or oval coffee table if you want to follow feng shui. The reason is, an edged coffee table can make you touch the corners while walking which will result in blockage of energy.  A round table that makes space for everyone to place their little belongings and offers comfortable walking area is a must for a feng shui inspired home. 

Lit Up Dark Corners 

Feng shui is entirely against the darkness. Make sure the whole home is wholly lit. Add lamps, ceiling lights, wall lights, sconces, and bulbs to illuminate every corner of the house. The flow of energy stops when there is darkness, and that’s why feng shui inspires lighting every corner to achieve good chi. 

Decorate With Purpose 

You must have bought a lot of feng shui stuff to decorate your home, but you can’t add anything anywhere. Feng shui decor believes in an arrangement of things in such a way that they serve a purpose. A rock garden will best suit a living room and not a study room or home office. You want something associated with knowledge and books to add in such spaces. A Buddha statue will work the best in such cases. To create joy and harmony in a space, you need to make the decor match the theme. A fountain will add to the beauty of your room. 

Maintain Proportions 

You have a small room, and you are adding a big table that covers more than enough space. Now, that’s not inky against feng shui, but comfort as well. Feng shui is literally more about comfort and peace. It believes in an organisation that makes life easy. You need to have space for everything, no matter how little it is, but it shouldn’t affect anything else.  Place everything in proportion. If your room is bigger, add a grand table to complement the overall balance. If you have a small room, add furniture that suits needs and still keeps space for comfortable walking. 

Create Balance 

You might have seen that golden chandeliers, metallic pieces, and mirrors are considered as great feng shui pieces. And that’s true as well. But, you shouldn’t let the reflective surface make your home feel too dramatic.  Add a neutral element like a wooden chair to balance out so much brass and gold glam. The luxury interior designers in Bangalore suggest maintaining a balance between softer materials such as cushions, bedding, fabric and powerful accessories such as wooden furniture and metallic stuff. 

Feng shui improves your quality of life. The rules are about easing out your home operation. When everything is arranged, it arises happiness. And happiness is the best chi.