We never have enough storage in our homes. Something is always lying outside, waiting for a perfect place to be placed in. Though the arrangement of stuff in your closet and wardrobe matters, sometimes it’s the storage that’s not sufficient. You need a lot of storage options in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, study room, etc. 

Two main storage space forms are open shelves and cabinets. Both the storage spaces will seem like having no space when the arrangement is not right, and the shelves are too cluttered. Everything goes behind the doors in cabinets, and that’s why cabinets are often the most cluttered and messy storage option in a home. 

The home interior designers in Bangalore suggest decluttering your space for better storage. Remove what’s not in use. The next thing that you can do is the arrangement. Arrange the stuff according to how often they are used. You can also put things that are used together in one shelve. For example, you don’t necessarily need to put sugar and tea leaves jar with spice jars just because they are containers; you can keep coffee, tea, cinnamon, and other beverage materials together. 

Now, when you have decluttered your space and placed everything in order, but still feel that storage is not enough, it really is not. You need to increase the storage spaces in your home.

Here are a few tips on how you can maximize storage spaces in your home.

Purchase Furniture With Built-in Storage
No home is complete without furniture. There are a few pieces which no household can skip. For example, the most common thing is the bed. Modern furniture comes with inbuilt storage that’s hidden. The beds home with cabinets to stock clothes, accessories, shoes, and all. Though beds have always been a great storage option for the quilt and larger clothes, what’s new with built-in storage is the cabinetry. You can get the same feature in sofas as well. 

Put Wasted Nooks On Work
All of us have some unwanted corners in our homes. These nooks stay unused and feel empty. Nowadays, you can find plenty of designers shelves that can fit in narrow corners and oddly shaped nooks. If the area feels too awkward for not being in shape, you can go for a ladder shelf that will not only fit well, but it will also give you some more storage space. 
The luxury interior designers in Kamanahalli suggest using the wasted space under stairs. You can use the space for bookshelves. The designers create lovely storage spaces in such areas. 

Adjustable Shelves
We sometimes need extra storage especially in festivals to store festival special stuff. Adjustable shelves are the best way to add more storage space without worrying about making the area too crowded. You can use when required and change your arrangement when the need is gone. These can be used within a big cabinet and outside as well. You can create extra storage by defining the already present space with compartments. 

Wall Shelves For Extra Storage
Wall shelving is one of the oldest methods of improving storage space in a home. Though mostly these shelves are used for decorative stuff, you can put small daily use things if you go smart. You can also add cabinets and drawer system near the lower area of the wall to improve the storage space without making your room look too crowded. 
Interior decorators will always add decorative brackets and shelves to add the storage option as a decorative element to your room. It will not only offer some extra space to your walls, but a lot of beauty as well.

Make The Best Use Of Kitchen Space 
Every kitchen has a lot of things to arrange. We have spices, breakfast cereals, snacks, cutlery, and whatnot. Kitchen cabinets are always overcrowded with the stuff you have, and that’s the biggest headache for everyone. 
The experts of home renovation in Bangalore will always suggest using the upper part of the kitchen to improve storage space. The part is usually neglected because you can’t get anything until you use a stool. But, the best way to use this space is by placing a luxury dinner set that you don’t use daily. You can add stuff that’s used rarely so that you can get them down when required and you don’t need to worry about their arrangement and cleaning when not in use. 

Use Hidden Bins For Managed Storage 
Every closet is so messy because we buy a pile of clothes and wear a few. Even if we arrange them, the wardrobe becomes the same in the next two-three days. So, to get rid of the hassles of arrangement every day, using hidden bins can be a great idea. 
You can add bins to keep handkerchiefs, socks, and other small clothes. 
Similarly, you can arrange your jewellery collection by sorting things according to your choice. Either separate according to type as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and others, or you can also sort them according to the occasion.

Use Tall Storage Solutions 
Floor space is important because it prevents a room from looking too crowded. Tall storage solutions are great to add more storage without using a lot of floor space. You can buy several tall storage options in the form of shelves, cabinet, and others. 
Don’t add everything covered. Have a few pieces which have covered as well as open shelving so that you can put decorative stuff to add style.

Buy Cubbies For Your Walls
Cubbies are the best way to add functionality and style together. These are easy to tuck in the walls and more easy to add useful stuff and decorative pieces. The cubbies are beautiful, and that’s why adding them will only enhance your walls. It will not look like added forcefully. Cubbies are stylish and classy when implemented smartly. 

These were a few storage space ideas that everyone can implement. You can also use the door of your closet to hang overcoats and other big clothes.