Well, let’s face it, our house is always nothing less than a palace in our eyes. Whether it may actually be as a palace or it may be just a one-bedroom house. Whatever may be the case, it couldn’t be any different, the feeling we carry is all the same. Although not all of us can do whatever we think of in most cases. You see a palace is not what it is called to be , because of its large area in sqft. It is what is because of how it looks and it’s live-in experience. It screams royalty from its from door to its porch. Everything is flawlessly brilliant and it could be unwillingly breathtaking. Even though there are theories, out there that compare beauty to what one feels. Let’s face it, as humans, we only give importance to what we see and experience first hand. 

We at Magnon Interiors feel other ways. Luxury doesn’t always add up to a large price tag. It can certainly be experienced, felt and lived in at an easily affordable price. If we don’t believe us then log on to www.magnonindia.com or mail in to reachus@localhost to receive a quote for your requirement. 

We wouldn’t call what we are doing a revolution, yet however, we make sure to have all the best interior designers in Bangalore as a part of our team. Also, we make sure they do whatever it takes to answer every question put forward by our customers/clients. As a testament to the same, we have a few questions listed below that are frequently asked our interior designers. Also, these in a sense can be taken to be questioned, every homeowner should ask before hiring an interior designer. 

Question 1 

Work Credentials and Work Experience 

Although these terms may seem to bring out the same meaning in one look. They surely don’t mean the same. Work credentials, on one hand, is an account of all the work done by you for a set of clients. It may dive deep into the quality of clients you have worked with and also their option about you thereafter. For a writer, in this case, a work credential/portfolio would include the number of articles been published and also the response the articles got, while online by its readers. Work experience simply is an account of the tenure of your journey. It simply is a calculation of the no of years, months and days you were active or still active in your industry of expertise. A home buyer needs to know concrete details about these points. If you’re not asking them being a home buyer yourself, please do the next time to plan to hire an interior designer in Bangalore or anywhere for that matter. 

Question 2 

Plan of action or POA

A yes is a yes, only if they mean it. Which simply means, it is easy for as interior designers to play the make-believe game. We can yes for all your requirements and build our plans on what you say they could be. However, it is important, for an interior designer to make it clear about what can be done and what can’t be. In terms of the budget allotted for a project, colour schemes and also the delivery date. We at Magnon India, keep our conversations with our clients/customers/home buyers very open-ended. If we can match your requirement, we state we can in our first meeting itself. However on the other side, if it can’t be sone we make sure we refund any customer/ customers who or are not happy to continue with our firm. 

Question 3 

Costing structure 

Interior Designers in Bangalore

While so calculate it by the hour, some calculate by the numbers of personals involved in staging the end design. Pricing/Cost is a component calculated, very differently based on every companies policy. While there also may some hidden costs added in the end bill in many cases as well. At Magnon, we strictly believe in a Black and White policy. We make sure to add every cost expected to be in our initial quote to all our clients. While we have extra costs that may occur, in some cases. We make sure to convey the same well in advance. 

Questions 4  

Owner of the project 

This question although it may seem very rudimental is extremely important. As a homeowner, you need to know who is the owner of your project from the interior design perspective is. He or she should be easily available to address your queries at any given point in the journey. Also, you should know everything about the interior designers work experience and work credentials. It shouldn’t be a surprise for you n the end when you were told one thing and in the end, your house turns out to be the exact opposite of what was initially discussed. 

Question 5 

Liking issues 

A question you may or may not ask in most cases it is the later. Many of us hesitate more than once, to convey our feelings out loud at the right point in time. However, if you don’t like a design then, what change could happen to that design if it comes to life in the end? If you don’t like a design, just say you don’t and let the gap get filled. At Magnon India, we strive all we can to get every design requirement from paper to our pallet and from our pallet to our production unit and the same to the house of our customer/clients. 

Question 6 

Delivery time 

Interior Designers in Bangalore

While some may say 15 days, the other will say 45, however, it is important for you as a home buyer to confirm the delivery time of your project well in advance. Although, there can be uncalled for delays one date needs to be fixed. We at Magnon India, plan our projects to perfection. Although, there may have been one or two standout projects in our route to 1500 projects, where our delivery time was questioned. We have always made sure to deliver well in advance. 

Question 7 

Services offered 

Interior Designers in Bangalore

While end-to-end has become a term that every firm uses today. It may not be all true in the end. Not every firm you approach would have the competencies to deliver every possible interior design services in Bangalore. We at Magnon India, however over the years have acquired many minds from different parts of the country to be able to provide end-to-end interior design services in Bangalore. Have a doubt? Please log on to our website www.magnonindia.com, also you can mail into reachus@localhost to receive a portfolio of all the projects we have finished till date. 

Question 8 

Presentation Style 

Interior Designers in Bangalore

In other words, why are you different from the next firm that can be found does the street. Well, the answers this question would certainly help you in getting a 360-degree view of the company and its where, how and when about’s. In short, you will know if the company actually fits your bill and also you will understand if the firm is worth your money on the other hand. Whilst, also zeroing down on their capacities and competencies. What you see is what you should believe. 

If our list of questions helped in educating you on how to choose your next interior designer. Log on to www.magnonindia.com, now that you know we know our job well. You can also mail in to reachus@localhost and you can call us on +91888646464.