“A room should never allow the eyes to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” – Juan Montoya

Rooms can be differentiated based on colours, textures, lines, furniture, ethnicity and culture. The design industry has been glorified by avant-garde Industrial designers like Saarinen, Eames, Niemeyer, Noguchi, Jacobsen and many more. Claudia Owen was the interior designer who brought the trend of print and print patterns all the way long from Australia. Lee Broom is again one of the best interior designers and is known for his lighting designs and furniture. All of these were influenced by creative ideas, on how one can use plastic, plywood, aluminium and other raw materials to decorate the room. There are eight basic designs in which a room can be framed including mid-century modern, Industrial, nautical, Scandinavian, Bohemian, farmhouse, urban modern and shabby chic. These are the most famous styles, apart from this contemporary, minimalistic, traditional, transactional and French country designs are also popular.

 8 interior design styles for your room

Mid- Century Modern

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This look emphasises on creating a contrast between the ancient and the modern look. It uses iconic pieces/Ancient pieces in modern design. Room is defined with refined lines and natural shapes. The model has minimal functionality elements that make the room hassle-free. One of the best examples is an egg-shaped chair, with its natural look. These designs are simple and elegant. The room can have a wooden theme, lanterns, historic paintings, Media console, Sebastian chair, mantelpiece and stone walls are common designs that can have a place in your mid-century modern room.


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This model is designed by frequent use of steel and wooden elements on brick walls. Generally, the industrial decoration is mature and rustic. It can include clear lines, rocked vintage, elaborate ornamentation, dark themes and antique designs. Few of the most famous examples for industrial furniture include coffee tables, Chesterfield sofas, wooden bookshelf, linen sofa, brass table lamp and clay pots. Using of old timber with creativity, abstract art can make some space on stone walls.


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The design focuses on minimal and simple living with warm and sober furniture. The idea of this design is adopted from the cottage and coastal homes. Nautical design is preferred for relaxing and bringing in positivity. It sets a background with very light and soft colours including white, cream or cool neutral shades. The room always has a tinge of green or blue that makes it look stunning. Nautical design can be a combination of sofas, chairs, wall hangings, candle stands and mental peace. Most of the furniture is made up of jute ropes, seashells, Large cushions, Windows, scented candles etc. 


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This design is influenced by Nordic countries. It includes an immense level of creativity and artwork. Furniture is made from form-pressed wood, Plastics and aluminium and fibre. The natural lighting system plays a central role in characterizing Scandinavian design. The rooms are mostly organic and focused on object proportion. Shades of grey remain the most prominent colour used in these rooms. Scandinavian Furniture includes round glass tables, ebony mirror, bronze table lamp, Marble lamps and khadi pouffe. 


Modular Kitchen

This design represents a carefree nice and adventurous spirit as essential elements of a lifestyle. These rooms include patterns and vibrant colours. Various tones of red and purple are prominently seen on pillows, rugs, throws and wall arts. This design is inspired by nomadic, Moroccan and tribal designs. Bohemian design is an epitome of luxury and free living. Cotton ropes, vase, Striped pillows, vintage dresser, benches, hanging ivory wall pieces and rustic mirror frames are common examples of bohemian furniture.


Modular Furniture

This design is transactional along with traditional elements. It includes various elements like dried lavender, green plants, designer vase and rugs. The design is influenced by woods and yellow lights. It uses red, yellow and golden shades. Adding pottery, modern art, baskets, and lamps give ethnicity to the room. The farmhouse design is inspired by French country design. The furniture is prominently dominated by stones and bricks. The farmhouse design furniture includes chandeliers, dining chair, stonewash rug, trunks, buffalo skull, Ivory pillow and Mulberry stick bunch.  

Urban Modern

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This look is similar to our smart homes, with modern furniture and trendy styles. It gives your room a city type look with urban fusion. Large sofas, decorative elements that express creativity, geometric designs, vintage items and traditional engagements make the room desirable and stunning. The room is dominated by metal, glass and steel elements. The design follows a warm colour palette, with white, grey being dominant over green and brown. Auburn furniture includes a floor lamp, side chairs, Moroccan pouffe, ivory rug and glass table.

Shabby Chic

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This is the last look that is created with dried leaves, giving a soft and opulent look. The colours palette used here is Milk colours Including White and pasted, along with frozen textures. It is a vintage-inspired look that represents feminism and delicacy. Shabby chic Furniture include traditional linen, chandelier and traditional tables

All of the above designs are unique with distinctive features. Some of them are dominant over dark colours whereas the others prefer pale and sober colours.  Best designs as per our knowledge and preference is an urban modern and nautical because they are cold and sterile. One can also prefer a farmhouse and a shabby chic to enjoy relaxation, calmness and adventure. The prettiest look which interacts with a colourful world is the bohemian style. All of these are contemporary designs, which are more flexible and prefer minimalistic concept which has been adopted from Australia. A notion of modern design includes minimalism. Things that look simple and streamlined make a room more accessible and functional. The use of lights plays a major role in emulsifying all other elements. Abstract art, stone art, modern art and traditional paintings express your idea of living. Hence, you may choose the look which represents and justifies your personality.

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