A bedroom is a blessing in disguise as it may be in some cases. The blessing only gets better when you get to decide what goes into your room. If you’re a guy, you’d certainly want to pay more attention. The 6 things explained below, constitute the design and decor of very guys bedroom in the world in the near future to come. 

Diving right deep into our list 

Mattress Topper 

Bedroom Decor

So what is a Matters Topper? “A mattress topper is a removable layer that sits on top of a mattress to provide cushioning and support”, as defined by Ecosa.com. In terms of usability, a mattress topper, cushions a worn-out bed and in cases of a financial crisis. It can also, dually they also help in softening your rather sturdy and hard mattress. Besides, in a world when we spend 1/3rd of our lives on a bed, it’s only fair we make it conformable enough for our backs to rest on. Moreover, with inflation taking over the daily cost of living. The best thing to do would be to do is to increase the shelf lives of our beds at least. While on the other side, you can get a bed built by the best interior designers in Bangalore. If that felt, like a good offer log on to www.magnonindia.com, furthermore, you can also mail into reachus@mganonindia.com to receive a customised quote. Besides, who wouldn’t want to sleep and wake up on a well-made bed. 


There is something about candles, that brightens the aura of a bedroom. The case just gets better, when it is the bedroom of a guy/man. While guys may seem to have a hard shell covering them while they take on the world. A guy does like it calm and serial, while he deiced to bid goodbye to a hard and eventful day. While it certainly also wouldn’t hurt to sleep off your worries while you bask and blend in well with the peaceful atmosphere created by the scent created by the candle. 

Smart lights 

Bedroom Decor

Smart lights are an invention, that is said to stay for years and years to come. Owing, to the increase in the price of electricity, a family of four attest sheds close to .25% of their earnings on bills of electricity. Solar or smart lights, seamlessly strike out the expense incurred in the department of the charts. With these lights no needing, constant electricity flow into. They certainly last for longer times and also don’t cost close to anything, as they light up with solar energy which certainly won’t get exhausted anytime soon. 


Bedroom Decor

Udit Narayan or Eminem, Miley Cyrus or Sherya Goshal, their voices somehow sound a lot better when heard on a portable Bluetooth speaker, powered with in-built speakers. If you don’t have one yet, log on to any online shopping website today and buy yourself for one or two based on your use age at the best prices possible. Spice up the mood in your bedroom, whether the mornings, the heat powered after-noons, or a hope to get better nights. Workout, Motivational or Party animal music, set the beats right and the vibe in your bedroom to be perfect for every given moment under the sun or the moon. 

Wall Art

Bedroom Decor

Family portraits or inspired all art. Add whatever you can to make your room your own. Moreover, a white wall on its own doesn’t always look its best at all times of the day, week, month and year. However, if you aren’t an art buff or an art lover, just incorporate as many family pictures and port it’s as you wish. Make your room look welcoming as it may. Although, you need to make sure to bend in your wall art well with the decor installed in your room. Stick the basic and you will be fine in that case. As a result, your bedroom would look more sophisticated and personalised. A well-kept bedroom is widely considered the house of God or abode for angels. 

Work Station 

Bedroom Decor

There certainly very few things that stand out in a bedroom, when compared to a well-designed work station. In this case, a well-lit space, coupled in seamlessly with a classic wooden study or work table, would certainly do wonders to prove a point, in terms of usability and style. Furthermore, it can also help bring out an aura of motivation and inspiration, while you times you may not want to work some days. You need to know what you need and what you don’t. A crowded, study or workspace, often clutters your though flow and closes doors any creative thinking. Trust us, a bed or the floor can’t always substitute the existence of a well- designed work station. To get your next work station or study designed log on to www.magnonindia.com. 

While these points or things, may not be all that a guys/boys/men’s bedroom requires. The list sure will help as a start to what you may think you would need in your room in the years to come. With the world moving into, a space that will no longer have employees, students and humans as a whole travelling out of their house to achieve goals in education and salaries. The need for good bedrooms surely will hit the interior design markets sooner than later. 

If you are part of the race, that always stands beyond a layman’s thought, then log on to our website and mail into to us to get a personalised interior design plan of your bedroom. Our team consists of the best interior designers in Bangalore. While, if you still have any doubts about what a good bedroom interior design should look like from your point of view, please send in your queries and we would be happy to circulate to our team of interior designers. 

Well, what better way to end a day with a learning streak. To learn more about interior design, decor and more behind the walls of your home. Log on to www.magnonindia.com