“The kitchen is where you put all the ingredients together. No matter what you do in life, you have to have a plan and put it together.” – Yo Gotti

We require guidance in all spheres of life, no matter what. We live in a world where people focus on perfect lives. People want everything to be perfect, without a hinge. And must say, being a perfectionist is a very difficult job where you need everything in place, on time, as per plan. This keeps you going, with determination and will. The same principle applies to a modular kitchen. Initially, at curious stages, we make mistakes in excitement.

We as one of the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore are here to help you prevent these mistakes. It is very easy to install a modular kitchen; you have all the cabinets ready, along with accessories. There is no scope for making changes after you get your kitchen delivered. Any mistake can make your kitchen look weird and chaotic. Let’s take a look at all mistakes we need to avoid because the more you know, the more you can create. There’s no end to imagination in the kitchen (Julia Child)

These are the 5 most important elements that you need to plot before you start planning your kitchen. All of these form the basis of your modular kitchen. Just like the foundation of a building.


Well, all of this is a mind job. You need to be very crisp and clear in your ideas and what you want in your modular kitchen. Start by making a blueprint, where you decide on certain essential aspects.

  1. Decide on the layout of your kitchen – if you have a small kitchen a parallel or L shaped kitchen could be the best. If you have a large one, try going for a U shaped or a kitchen island.
  2. Now, decide on the number of cabinets you want along with the type of cabinets. There are many types of cabinets, including a base cabinet, upper cabinet, long cabinet, corner cabinet, ceiling cabinet etc. Not only this, if you want to have drawers and baskets, built-in storage, pull out cabinets, Built-in pantry, hanging counters, cutlery drawers too. All of this can help in customising storage and making the kitchen look organised.
  3. Type of things that you want in your kitchen, along with the material. You can have a double bowl sink made of steel or any other.
  4. Figure out the placement of your cabinets and other essentials including a window for a good flow of air
  5. Plan on the aspect of a kitchen garden. If you need one, you need to be specific in your designing.
  6. Plan your appliances carefully, keeping in mind the basic principles.


Material is of prime importance because once you choose there is no going back. The material should have various prominent characters to match your kitchen.

  • Water-resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Free from cracks and breakages
  • Glossy and durable

Some of the most amazing materials for the kitchen countertop include granite and marble. These 2 are the most recommended and match all these characteristics. Moreover, you can also go for laminates. Okay, moreover try going for a no-open shelf look of your kitchen which includes fewer countertops for easy and tidy functioning.


Choosing materials of the cabinets also becomes of prime importance, and may include wood, plywood, MDF, Laminate, Acrylic, Membrane etc. the characteristic of choosing a cabinet material may include,

  • Durable
  • Must be able to handle the weight
  • Should not get dirty with smoke and fumes
  • Glossy or matte



There are certain principles that you are required to keep in mind before planning your kitchen. The ergonomic triangle rule, stages that your hob, sink and fridge should be kept in a manner that they form a triangle. This helps the person working in the kitchen commute easily and flawlessly. Usually, the stove and fridge are placed opposite each other with a sink in the centre. Finding the three most essential kitchen items within a few steps of each other is as easy as it has ever been for a chef.

This concept’s arrangement appears to result in enough counter space surrounding the sink and main appliances. This is a very traditional concept should be of 4 feet-9feet. Moreover, the total length should be 13-26 feet. Besides, any cabinet or clutches island should not come in the way of this triangle, for at least 12 inches. There should be no obstacles, within the working of the triangle, to manage the easy flow


The placement of appliances also plays a very crucial role in designing your modular kitchen. It is necessary to plan all the appliances that you require in the kitchen before you get the kitchen manufactured. For example, you might require a hob, chimney, microwave, oven, food processor and a lot more. Make sure that you purchase branded products so that they live longer. You can also have cabinets for these appliances. In case you’re getting a single appliance that can help you manage all other features, it would be the best. Keep in mind that you need to optimise space.


Interior Designer in Bangalore

Accessorising your kitchen with the best of your budget. If you are short on budget, you can go to the flea market to get stuff at low rates. Moreover, you need to plan about the lighting of the kitchen, and essential décor including photo frames, paintings, placement of plants and a lot more. You also need to set up a perfect colour combination for your kitchen, with either one or two colours. Apart from this, if you have a small kitchen try to have Glass decors which will make your kitchen look larger.

Speaking about the lights, you can have pendant lights, ceiling lights, lamps, lanterns in a lot more. You can try to keep the look very minimalistic, which would make your modular kitchen look modern and classy. Decorating your kitchen is not a big deal, you need to play with your creativity and come up with ideas that portray a story of your living. Try making DIY projects for your kitchen, which may just increase the artistic value

Here we have to was the end of this article. We hope that this could provide you with a way to look into all the mistakes that people generally made before designing. In case you require help, you may reach out to the best modular kitchen manufacturers in Bangalore.