A patio is an outdoor space that is paved adjoining your residence. It is a recreational spot for relaxing and enjoying the best moments of your life. A patio is a place to refine you after being drenched from loads of work and stretches of sun. Some people add a fireplace to the patio that makes it more relaxing. Especially during rains and winter season, sitting in a cozy patio is much more relaxing. In summer seasons also, it can protect you from sunburns, heat strokes and heat exhaustion. You can plan for a get-together or a barbecue party with your family and friends at any time. Finally one of the best advantages of having a patio is that it increases the value of the home.

Patio furniture is easy to get, use, and maintain. It includes coffee tables, patio tables, patio chairs, benches, glass top tables, teal chairs, and various accessories including plants, lights, lanterns, candles, and a fireplace.

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Let’s catch up with some interesting ideas

A colorful escape is a design made by interior designer Muriel Brandolini. The design uses different patterns overloaded with vibrant colors. A patio can include a long teak sofa with various colorful pillows on it. Along with this, the furniture can include chairs, simple and sleek. Having a coffee table is a must in a setting like this. All you can do is have amazing lanterns and lamps to glorify the look of your outdoor setting. The only thing that must attract your eyes is the colorful and vibrant pillows kept up on the sofa.

In a contemporary setting, this set is modern and cozy. It includes a long slim sofa with a fireplace in the center. There are no add-ons to this place. It is very simple and coming. A general color palette/ used here is brown and dark shades. Breezy lounge, the idea is inspired by a painter Oliver Mourao. It includes a light color palette predominantly white. The furniture includes an L-shaped sofa with white pillows and chiffon curtains. It gives you a very breezy, cozy feel along with privacy. You can have white and golden lamps all around to enhance the look.

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The dining spot, where you and your family members can enjoy a meal together. This look is very simple and only includes wooden tables and wooden benches. All you can add is candles and a barbecue to make it look like a dining spot. The furniture includes a wooden texture and a color palette of brown. The sitting area must be comfortable and simple.

A rustic seating arrangement, which provides you with a traditional look. It includes rustic furniture and old friends. Having a traditional fireplace along with a sofa, covered with pieces of cloth can make it look rustic. You can add historical paintings, plants, ancient pieces, and coffee tables to make it look a 90s patio.

Moroccan oasis, a bright and friendly patio. It is mostly made up of a terrace so that people can prefer having sunbath. The furniture is dominant by white and includes patterns in brown. You can have a white sofa followed by a white coffee table and earthen pots with plants. Having lamps and candles can make the look more precise. A major variety of palm trees/plants can be used to justify the look.

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A mid-century retreat is an amazing concept that can be followed in today’s time. It comes with a very bright color palette, everything/furniture used in the outdoor of your house is extremely colorful and attractive. The designing clothes a sofa mounted with colorful questions of different patterns. It includes floor mats and rugs, of different colors and textures. Apart from this, the look can be inspired by colorful and trendy chairs along with modern lights. Most of the time, this design is complimented with a swimming pool.

Seaside sanctuary, a look inspired by beach sitting. It includes sofas with pillows, long palm trees, fireplace, lamps and candles. The design is construed towards cream and lighter shades. It is a place where you can sit and listen to the sea waves all day long. It is advised to use neutral shades and not dark shades while making a seaside sanctuary.

Woodline outdoors, this is a patio made from lined wood only. It includes a very comfortable and cozy sofa mounted with various pillows, with a coffee table, wooden furniture including a wooden shed, wooden plant houses, and wooden sofa. The design is dominant with only wooden texture shades including brown. The seating area itself is dug inside a wooden structure.

Sleeping porch, a place where you can spend all your day relaxing and reading books. It includes a hanging bed mounted with colorful cushions. The most amazing feature of this porch is its serenity and composed look. The beds move with high tides of air. Apart from this, you can have a few plants and lamps to dominate the look. It is better to keep the furniture simple and accessories less.

A whimsical seating area, this looks quite magical and subtle. It includes a sofa, with a structure of a bed. The sofa is quite traditional made up of large rods up and down. You can hang different lanterns, flags, metal pieces all over the bed along with multicolor cushions and loads. To keep the look very simple, you can add colorful hangings on the corners of the bed. It is a perfect spot to spend a rainy evening.

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Soaring courtyard, one of the most admirable look, it is very simple and sophisticated with white L-shaped sofa along with cushions. It has various plants and trees along with a white coffee table. The most interesting and dominant feature is various lanterns that are hanging attached to the roof. You can have around 20-30 jute lanterns to glorify the look of this design. Apart from this having a small fireplace along with a barbecue to spend an evening with your friends or having a barbecue party.

Pink corners, something that people get attracted to easily. Having a small cozy pink corner with a small bed on the floor, topped with pink pillows. The walls lighted with fairy lights and surroundings covered with scented candles. This is a perfect space for you, enjoying your Netflix on a Sunday evening, especially when you live alone. Not only pink, but any corner of your house can also be painted in the color you like so that, the place becomes your happy place. You can sit and enjoy the thunderstorms and moist rains in winter.

A-casual outdoor seating, a very simple setting with the dining table, coffee table, rustic brown sofas, yellow lights, and lavenders spread over to exaggerate the look. You can have a small fireplace near the sofa seating and a barbecue near the dining table. Add-ons can include famous paintings, green plants, hookah, and minibar.

The ethnic trails-a design suited in large bungalows, which have shown their existence hundreds of years ago. These designs include old rustic swings instead of sofas, obviously not. A small coffee table between the rustic swings. In this design also you can add a hookah and a bar because of the traditional custom and culture. Having a tandoor and a fireplace is a must. We know that hunting is prohibited but keeping hunting tools can glorify the look of your rustic and traditional patio. Don’t make it colorful just use dark colors like brown or black. The play should look unique and royal instead of cool and simple.

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So these were quite interesting ideas on how you can customize your outdoor seating into something comfortable and cozy. There is no trend as of, you can customize it according to your taste and choice. Some people enjoy having an umbrella above their seating, some like having bars in their outside areas, some of them prefer having a lower seating instead of a sofa and the others like a more colorful outdoor rather than dark colors. It all depends upon your choice and preference.  Maintaining a patio and using it is very easy but make sure when you have white furniture take good care of it.

What not to do!

It is always suggested to go beyond the line and not follow the common trends and rules for designing an outdoor garden. There is a difference between designing outdoor and indoor space, your patio should not look like your living room or bedroom. Keep the furniture minimal which gives you feeling to intensify and relax. All the furniture should tie it all together, material, colors, scale, generation all of these should be considered while making a patio.

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Have accessories to merge the look of your garden, instead of just furniture. You can use garden statues, pottery, wind chimes, hanging ornaments, wall arts, pillows, candles, and lights. Finally, there should be at least some plants and every furniture, the accessory should be arranged in a definite manner and not spread unnecessary around. Preferred using primary colors, which are fresh and allow one color to be dominant over the others. Try using earth tones like brown, grey, white, and green. Focus on using analogs and importantly your favorite colors.

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