Home interiors are complex subjects. Thankfully, there are professionals to help you out; you don’t have to do everything on your own. 

Luxury interior designers like us know how to deliver exactly what you want. Today, we will tell you about 13 excellent tips you can easily follow. These are simple yet effective and will make your house look amazing. 

While getting your home interior design done, paying attention to these things is essential since they make a huge difference. 

So, what are the tips? 

  1. Have a color theme in mind: synchronize all the colors across your home. Have a consistent theme. Do not get a blue kitchen with a red bathroom if they don’t look good together under the same roof. Before completing a home interior design, convey your desired color palette to the professionals. 
  2. Putting too many artworks: Decorating your home with artwork is one thing, but having too many artworks will do more harm than good. Instead of buying expensive artwork, opt for locally available pieces by local artists. This money saver costs as little as half the price of famous artworks. Instead of getting artwork, get a few rugs, sculptures, and pictures of your family and yourself. 
  3. Choosing home interiors based on previous work: If you do not want to get duped or spend vast sums of money, check your home interior designer’s previous work. Word of mouth is an essential factor too! It helps you to know how they work, whether they fulfill deadlines, and whether or not they stick to the plan. Knowing that the quality they will provide is good enough is essential. 
  4. Have a clear furniture layout: Constantly changing furniture layouts will create chaos. Make a furniture plan with all your needs and stick to it. Do not make significant changes since your home’s interiors are based on your furniture layout. You may make minor changes, but try to avoid shifting rooms. 
  5. Sculptures and artwork of the wrong size: When you pick decorative items of the wrong size, they make the space look undesirable. The size of an artwork is chosen to make your room look a certain way; significant paintings for rooms with more space or to give the effect of a big room, and vice versa. If your furniture is arranged in a way that does not leave any space for artwork, do not rearrange things unnecessarily. Make sure everything looks good together. 
  6. Using the wrong colors for paint: Colors psychologically affect our minds. Our minds behave in a certain way when we see color. For example, red signifies power. Choosing colors that give you your desired vibe is essential. Opt for subtle colors that add to the interior design’s aesthetic. Subtle does mean white. Home interior designers will help you a lot in choosing the right colors. 
  7. Making the bedroom look vibrant: The bedroom is a place to rest and rejuvenate. There’s science behind making bedrooms calm and cozy. They should look and feel comfortable to help you sleep properly and relax. If you make your bedroom too vibrant or poppy, it won’t feel like a bedroom. Choose subtle colors and an interior that will make it look pretty, serving the purpose as well. 
  8. Make your kitchen useful: As one of the leading modular kitchen designers in Bangalore, we ensure your kitchen is pretty and well-organized to maximize everything. It should have good storage and space for all the appliances. Modular kitchens benefit from adding beauty to your home while being fully functional for all your cooking needs.
  9. Have a consistent style for the entire home: While getting the interior design done, choose a theme that goes well for the whole house.It is for the color themes, decorative elements, and entire interior. Each room will have variations since they serve a different purpose, but the interpretations should not be hugely different. 
  10. Pay attention to details: while looking at the entire home, we miss paying attention to details. Pay attention to the little details of every wall, every room. Add a few decorative elements here and there and match the curtains with the walls for a good contrast. Hide the cables and make sure your appliances are in good working condition.Keeping the house clean and well furnished should be your priority.
  11. Getting a lot of cheap decorative artwork: This is a big no. Some cheap decorative paintings and sculptures may be good, but hoarding them just because they are cheap will make your home look messy. Get artwork that has good quality materials used. Instead of buying and replacing them frequently, invest in them all at once, and you will not need to change them often.
  12. Plan storage: Know beforehand how much storage you require, and make sure it’s available in your modular kitchen and storage cabinets. Having good wardrobes and almirahs makes the room look neat and clean. Cleanliness is the one thing that can make or ruin a home’s charm. Make sure you keep everything in its proper place. Tell your home interior designers that you need good storage and where you need the cupboards to be. 
  13. Imbalanced wall art: While putting up wall art, make sure they look nice with the entire framework of the wall and the surrounding furniture. Don’t hang artwork just because a wall is empty. Avoid clumsy decorative elements and buy some classy ones. Remember, these should go well with the overall aesthetic of the room.

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