Home is where we find happiness, cosiness, and solace. It is where we create memories, eat homely food, enjoy with our loved ones, and much more. The importance of a home can be seen from the fact that it is regarded as one of the essential needs of human beings. You need a roof above your head for a peaceful and organised life. A home is probably the most peaceful place in everyone’s life. Whether you live in a rented house or you own it, keeping it happy and serene takes some effort.

According to ancient beliefs, that are now followed by modern interior decorators as well, Vastu plays a prominent role in binding happiness to your home. Vastu Shastra has some rules for everything related to the house. It suggests some tips that lock health, wealth, and prosperity. Vastu is followed since ages, and it has got scientific favour as well. Homes, designed according to Vastu, are found to be better and stronger than others. 
If you are entering a new home and want your home to be filled with positive energy and happy vibes, Vastu Tips might help.

Here are a few Vastu tips that everyone should follow:

Light Diyas
Darkness never brings positive vibes, and that’s why you are supposed to light diyas every morning and evening. You can light lamps, diyas, and incense in the home. These burning things are known to spread positivity in the house. They work as a cleanser and prevent negative energy from entering your home. You can even use artificial lights and scented candles to light up every corner in the evening.

The Kitchen Rules
Your kitchen should be made in the south-east or north-west direction only. The top interior designers review in Bangalore that even if you go for a north-west kitchen, the stove should be in the south-east direction. Your cooking place plays a crucial role in determining perfect health and prosperity.
Since the kitchen indicates health and happiness, medicines should be kept away from it. Something that’s not related to happiness and health shouldn’t be there.

Holy Symbols
Swastik and Om are sacred symbols for prosperity and positivity. These holy symbols promote health and create a divine environment in the home. Swastik is known for improving wealth in the house. You can draw these symbols with colour on both sides of the door. Swastik is drawn on the outer side of the entrance to lock negativity and ill effects out. If the texture of paint doesn’t support drawing anything on it, you can buy strips that have these symbols imprinted. The pieces come with a tape which you can paste on any smooth surface.

The Mirror Rules
According to vastu experts, mirrors don’t belong to the bedroom. Your master bedroom shouldn’t have any mirror. Even if you have a dressing mirror in the room, it should be away from the bed. Try to maintain as much distance as you can between the bed and the mirror. Also, you shouldn’t sleep facing the mirror. So, you should cover your mirror when you are sleeping. If you have a wardrobe mirror, you can get it installed inside. We did this, and it worked great.

Choose The Right Plants
Plants like rubber, oak, and cactus are known to produce milk, and that’s why these are not considered the right choice for interior by vastu experts. You can keep them outside the home, but you must avoid having them inside. Such plants disturb harmony in the house.
If you have bought green plants for your home, place them in the east direction to keep the relationships healthy.

Tinkling Bells
The sound of bells is positive. It breaks the energy patterns creating a positive effect in the room. It adds so much good vibes and beauty to any room. You can find a lot of stylish wind chimes to add a decor item as well as vastu perfect item in the home.

Decluttering is Must
You shouldn’t be storing anything and everything in the home. What you don’t use shouldn’t be there, whether it’s new or old. You should declutter everything, including clothes, shoes, accessories, kitchen stuff, and even old furniture should be sold or given to someone needy.
Decluttering comes with double benefits. Not only is it good, according to vastu, but it also keeps your home organised and well maintained. The home interior designers in Jayanagar suggest doing the process at least 3-4 times a year.

Choose Bright Colours for Happiness
Bright colours like yellow, orange and pink are happy colours. They add prosperity and happiness to your home. They feel lively and vibrant. Choose colours that make you smile and not those with a touch of melancholy.
If you are looking for something bold, attractive, and bright for your bedroom, brown and almond will serve best. You can explore multiple shades of all the bright colours to choose your favorite tone.

Wooden Furniture
The best interior designers in Yelahanka suggest wooden furniture over other contemporary materials if you want to follow Vastu. It works better than other types of furniture and has a good life. Wood is known to create harmony among the people living in the home.

Some Extra Tips
Place Ganga Jal in unused corners, and it should be replaced from time to time.
Salt is a natural healer, and it absorbs all the negativity from your home. Make sure you place some salt in all the corners of your home.
Make sure the sink and stove are as far as possible. Water and fire are the opposite, and that’s why they should be placed in the opposite direction only.
Perform a pooja at home at least once in three years. It helps in preventing Vastu Doshas even if you are doing something wrong.

These were a few tips suggested by professionals and experienced vastu experts. You can also get your home constructed according to vastu by explaining your requirement to your designer.