“Every room has an aura and the master bedroom builds them all”

A master bedroom is a place where you can enjoy every moment of your life, your happiness, sadness, and excitement. Hence is wise to take the help of the best interior designers in Bangalore to help design the same. Having a bedroom, made up of small and essential things, make it look adorable and admirable. Always remember that, choose subtle colours while painting your bedroom because these are gentle and generous. Keep the bedroom simple this will make it look elegant with an impressive style of decorating. You can use different styles of furniture like tables, dressers, walk-in closet and lots more. Now when you have a master bedroom, there is plenty of space, don’t make it a mess. Use your creativity and try to bring a smile on the room. Particularly choose a floor plan, exotic curtains, cabinets, shoe racks and other accessories of good quality material. As you have plenty of storage in your room, you can build a walk-in closet; have trunks with colorful seating arrangements, bookshelves, study tables, speaker stands and shallow boxes.

Here are 10 amazing thing is that every bedroom should have


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Could you imagine sleeping on a king-size bed, with a 7–8-inch mattress? Isn’t it relaxing and comfortable? So all you need is a bouncy mattress with good quality bed linen, to maintain your physical and psychological well-being. And investment on your sleeping surface is one of the most important, out of them all. You can comply it with standard size pillows, soft sheets, fluffy blanket and a throw blanket.


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Having a small bedside table with various drawers can help you store your essential needs that you require at night including medicines, essential oils and books. You can have all your charges because nowadays technology is something we can’t live without. Apart from this, you can prefer having a small table lamp on both sides of your bed. The table can be used for keeping a water bottle at night so that you don’t just drop it on the floor.


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A mirror is something that generates your confidence and brings charm within you. Having a mirror in a room Is a must. Especially when one is having a master bedroom. It helps you to look presentable because a bedroom is a place where you get ready with a touch of glamour to bounce up in the spotlight of your life.


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Have a small rocking chair or a comfortable sofa for your bedroom, on which you can sit the whole day long and sip a cup of coffee. It should be a go-to place for you, after your Drenched in routine. Having a sofa in the bedroom inflicted privacy and gives you personal time to spend with yourself. Having a seating corner can boost up your bedroom functionality.


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Just as you step down of your bed, there should be a heavenly feeling. In other words, having a soft and fluffy carpet/rug is a feeling of divine. A Persian rug would be perfect, with amazing textures and colours. Not only can one you have various small rugs beside your bed. Make sure that you don’t spill anything on the rugs hence there is a need of a side table.


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Have curtains in your bedroom, they increase the functionality of your bedrooms and even keeps your windows covered. These drapes should be attractive and designer and must suit your personality. Curtains provide the most intimate space in your home. They must be of subtle color and clean textures that help in peep sunlight. 


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Having plants in your bedroom makes it more earthy and green. It gives you a glimpse of freshness and space. Having plants in a room can always grasp attention easily. You can have different design ports and small plants hung on walls, windows or beside your seating arrangement. Don’t let the plants die; make sure that you water them when needed. Apart from this, plants are natural air purifiers and create an enriching atmosphere in the bedroom.


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What if your room smells as bad as possible because of your stringent shoes kept in the cupboard, will you be able to sit in a room for even five minutes? Not at all hence there is a need for air purifiers and air diffusers that brings out the freshness of essential oils and keeps your room in peace. Most of the essential oils preferred include lavender, lemon and even rose. You can also prefer having scented candles that lighten up your room.


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Just having a boring tube Light in a master bedroom, nothing feels great. All you need to have is different lighting options, you can have inbuilt ceiling lights, fairy lights and even lanterns of your choice. Don’t always choose a boring white light; you can always prefer having yellow lights in your room. A unique feature of yellow light is that it appreciates all the furniture in the room and glorifies it. Make sure that the lighting complies with the setting and furniture of your room. Having a light behind the door won’t make sense, but having a light near your dresser or your seating area is important.


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Every person in the World is trying to spare time for themselves, to do each and everything that makes them happy. As said earlier a bedroom is a place where you feel what you are. So make your bedroom selective, if you like reading books add a huge bookshelf with hundreds and thousands of books. 


Apart from all these options, you can customize your room as per your own choice and needs; you can have a bench along your bed, a hairdresser to store your entire make up needs, graphic art and jute baskets. Moreover, you can have a corner filled with pillows; make a small sweet and cozy corner in which you have different vibrant color pillows so that your room looks interesting. You can also add humor to your room by having funny paintings and art. Wall stickers and wallpapers are also a trendy way to decorate your room.

Moreover, If you are a painter, have a canvas in a room filled with colours that inflict happiness. If you love music, have good and vibrant speakers that play music all day long. If you prefer dancing, have all the dancing tools and a carpet on which you can dance. Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible, have a television, games and also some food in your room

So these were some of the most interesting and amazing ideas on how you can decorate and design your master bedroom, as per your needs and choices. Make sure that you have a happy place in your master bedroom, where you can sit and enjoy a piece of living. Don’t exaggerate on having stylish furniture, keep it minimal and creative. Especially in these quarantine days, your bedroom is the only place to survive.

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