Kitchen is the place we love the most in our home because it offers us delicious meals. We love the smell of our favourite food being cooked, and we can spend hours enjoying the aroma. Is there anything else that attracts you more than a kitchen, especially when you are hungry. 

The kitchen feels so lovely when it’s clean and managed, but we all know that it doesn’t stay the same always. One meal and there is a mess everywhere with spices, vessels, towels, chopping board and whatnot. Moreover, the food splits on the stove, countertop, and in the oven, making the whole kitchen messy. 

Also, there is the kitchen sink, garbage disposal, and range hood to clean. The modular kitchen dealers in Hebbal always suggest their customers, to treat the kitchen furniture delicately as otherwise, it can lose its colour and design. Many simple DIY tips will not only be gentle but will also keep the kitchen feeling naturally fresh. 

It’s frustrating to see the kitchen cluttered and smelling foul. To help with it, we have enlisted a few tips that will leave your kitchen shiny. 

The Orange Peel Cleaner

Orange peel is a good cleaning when mixed with vinegar. The orange peel cleaner is useful in two ways. The cleaning is effective and delicate, plus the aroma that arises from the peels creates a fresh atmosphere in the kitchen. Use a lidded jar to store orange peels and vinegar. Keep them in a cool place for a few months, and the cleaner is ready to be used. Take a spray bottle and fill it one third by the solution prepared in the jar. Add two portions of water, and you are good to go. 

This homemade cleaner can be used to clean countertops, stove, sink, and every other part of the kitchen. 

Lemon Kitchen Freshener

The foul smell in the kitchen occurs due to the rotten food residues. These biodegradable things start smelling bad too soon, making the kitchen smell worse. You keep on cleaning, but the scent doesn’t seem to be leaving. And that’s when this lemon kitchen freshener helps you. 

Pick a lemon and a toothpick. Mark holes in the lemon and put it in a bowl full of water. Put the lemon in the oven and make sure the oven is slightly open so that the aroma comes out. You can also slice the lemons and boil them over the stove for a few minutes. 

The lemon boiled in the oven also helps get rid of the food crimes in the oven. 

Oven Cleaning

Oven gets dirty too early due to food spills. It’s not possible to clean it while the food is still hot as you might get burns on your hands. One easy way is to pour some salt over the food while it’s still warm and you will see that it will turn into ashes, making it easy for you to get rid of.

Moreover, you can also use paper towels to clean the microwave. Cover the interior of the oven with paper towels and turn it on. Let it cool and wipe off with the paper towels. The moisture of paper towels will make the cleaning quick and easy.

Baking Soda For Garbage Dumping 

The experts of modular kitchen repair in Bangalore give a superb idea for garbage disposal. Retired baking soda can be dumped in the garbage disposal with running water for thorough cleaning and freshness. 

The garbage been can be prevented from smelling too early by adding essential oil bowls down the garbage bag. 

Top Of The Fridge 

The top of the refrigerator gets dirty too quickly, and it’s hard to clean the dust. You can see dirt, food particles, and whatnot. The home interior designers in Yelahanka suggest covering the top with a plastic wrap to prevent the gunk from spoiling the top of your fridge. The transparent plastic wrap will not be visible, and you can change it whenever it feels too dirty. Other sides of the refrigerator can be cleaned with the cleaner we prepared earlier. 

Sink Cleaning 

The sink is one of the most critical parts of the kitchen. It gets dirty too quickly and loses its shine. Use lemon and baking soda to clean the dirt that sticks to the kitchen. Spread baking soda everywhere and use lemon as a scrubber to scratch off the grime. The sink will start shining again. Next, use baby oil or olive oil to create a layer on the metal. It not only makes the sink shinier but also prevents the food particles from.sticking to the sink. 

Shine Your Stainless Steel With Vodka

Stainless steel items can lose their shine over time, but the boss kitchen professionals have a solution for everything. Take vodka on a sponge and clean the steel items gently. You will have shiny utensils. 

Blender Cleaning 

Blender is too hard to clean when you try to do so with the help of a sponge and soap. The best way is to rinse it with water and fill half or so with water as soon as you empty it. Now add dish soap and one spoon salt to it and give it a 2 sec round. The jar will clean quickly and easily. Rinse it will water again, and you are done. 

Prevent Grease From Sticking To The Stove

Tannins in tea make it hard for the grease and grime to stick to your stove. Brew tea and wipe the stove surface with it all the splitters and oil will come off quickly when you clean them with a damp cloth.