Interior Designers in Bangalore We adorn your Dream A display of Opulence A display of Opulence Cherish your time with Magnon !!

Interior Designers in Bangalore Unrivalled & Quixotic Designs A display of Opulence Cherish your time with Magnon !!

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The creation of beautiful, bespoke, homes requires the coordination of talent and resources across all the disciplines of architecture, interior design, Manufacturing, and Installation management. We have a wealth of expertise in-house that sets our services apart in the world of exquisite, luxury homes and interior Designers in Bangalore

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Take hues from these beautifully decorated living rooms and switch up your own space.

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Kitchen is the soul of your home and deserves to be designed with great attention to detail..

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The Bedroom is meant to be the most relaxing place of the whole house..

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We believe, Wardrobe should be both beautiful, functional and custom built.


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Master bedroom, is a word that depicts privacy and comfort. You might be wondering why a house has a master bedroom? Well, a master bedroom is not just a bedroom where you sleep but for a fact, it is a place where you relax after a whole day of work. People desire of having a spacious and elegant bedroom and so here it is. Generally, the basic perception of a master bedroom includes a walk-in closet, huge bed, a small seating arrangement with some items of luxury. We being one of the best interior designers in Bangalore can help you design a fabulous master bedroom, which is spacious, functional, modern, and aesthetically appealing. We provide the best master bedrooms interior design services in Bangalore

We Are The Best Interior Designers In Bangalore

The design of your master bedroom depends upon the layout of your room. Some people prefer a minimalistic bedroom whereas others prefer the opposite. Homebuyers can choose designs including shabby chic, nautical, boho, contemporary or even traditional. Magnon interiors aim at providing you with the best interior design services. We believe in creating houses that have a nice is with your personality and lifestyle. Our designs are unique and of assured quality. We, luxury interior designers in Bangalore can transform your bedroom with amazing furniture, wallpapers, suitable flooring, stunning lights, and magnificent décor. 

How do we work?

You might be wondering how do we work? Well, we have been providing interior design services for the past 15 years and today proved to be one of the best interior design company in Bangalore. We follow a very basic procedure of designing, but with uniqueness and authenticity. Master bedroom interior design is not at all complex, it just has to be well managed. 

  • Firstly, we interact with our clients to understand their needs and desires. Many a time, clients have a basic idea as to how they want their room to be designed. We aim at transforming their dreams into reality, by portraying their imagination. We focus upon improvising and adding the best to their design, by giving them suggestions and recommendations. Apart from this, we bring the best interior designers near me try to understand the client’s lifestyle, taste, and personality, to incorporate all of these into the design. 
  • The second step that we follow is choosing the best raw material for your room. Generally, we have the idea of making a room that is timeless and eternal. Therefore, we prefer material that is resistant and does not at wear and tear. Apart from this, we consider maintenance cost and other factors while deciding. We liaison with the outside world and help clients get good quality and low-price material. Budget interior designers in Bangalore can definitely help you out here!
  • The next step is manufacturing, whether designers put in their efforts and hard work designing and manufacturing the best interiors, to beautify your house. • We provide quality checks constantly, to make sure that every element that fits in your house is made up of good quality and is durable. 
  • Finally, the last step is packaging and installation. We make sure that there is no damage while packaging and delivering the products to your place. We ensure that the installation is smooth and friendly, without any hazards

Top Interior Designers In Bangalore

We enjoy adding themes that are timeless to your room, to extract out all the boredom. It unifies the room with a cohesive color palette and brings in a unique look. For instance, you can prefer having a vintage style interior design, with a similar theme and decor. We try to incorporate creativity along with luxury, and therefore we are one of the top interior design firms in Bangalore.

Role of lights in a bedroom?

One of the major elements of a master bedroom interior design is the way we incorporate lights. The use of regular lights becomes very pale and stagnant in a master bedroom therefore we white designs we use are either pendant lights, ceiling lights, inbuilt lights or lamps. lights help in creating a perfect ambiance for your master bedroom. LED-wall lights for the bedroom can be used in a variety of fascinating ways. The first option is to place them on the wall behind the headboard. These hidden refracted lights provide a warm and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. LED strip lights are a natural fit for the ceiling. You may improve the tiered lighting in your bedroom this way. It is very necessary to create a balance between artificial lighting and natural lighting, to bring in the perfect ambiance. Therefore, one of the best interior designers in Bangalore recommends having large windows in your room. 

Variety of décor!

Prefer having diversified décor like rugs, cushions, abstract paintings, showpieces, brass ornaments, fairy lights, candles, jute hangings etc. in your master bedroom. Incorporation of a small attractive and bold piece of furniture is also a very brilliant idea. It could be a relaxing chair, rocking chair, love seat, couch, or a pouf. We are one of the most affordable interior designers in Bangalore who can help you find good quality décor at a reasonable price. 

Try something new!

Having canopy beds is another great idea. We bring the best residential interior designers in Bangalore to recommend a canopy bed for good aesthetics. A canopy bed functions as a mini-room within a room. It may not make sense in today’s environment, but after you learn how they came to be, you’ll understand why they’re so popular. The canopy beds of the past were opulent and sumptuous, with heavy fabric drapes and decorative tassels. Canopy bed designs have evolved to become less ornate and more structural. We bring the best interior designers in Bangalore can get a bed designed for you!

Can’t compromise on aesthetics. Right?

Why not install a glass wall and gaze out the window at the natural beauty from the comfort of your bed? If your bedroom has access to a balcony, you can also utilize a glass folding door. Keep your bedroom’s decor simple and let the natural view via your glass door be the focus point. You’re ready to go with textured wallpaper on your accent wall, pendant lights, and solid wood furniture. interior design cost in Bangalore is very high therefore If you are looking for cheap and best interior designers in Bangalore, then here we are ready to design your home at a very reasonable and rational price. 

Finding a perfect color palate

The uniqueness about us choosing the color palette is that we do not focus on getting contrasts rather we feel free to use bold colors, a mix of uneven colors, or anything that suits our client. It is generally said that your house is like a canvas where you are the painter and your personality is the paint. Therefore, we will design your house in the way you prefer. We have a capable team who can transform your house into a home. As we are one of the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore, our team comprises plumbers, painters, and electricians who are well qualified in their work. Our designers assure you that in the end, you will get satisfactory results, within the desired period

Magnonindia-Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore

Magnon is comprised of an impressive Design Studio in Bangalore and 2 flagship showrooms in Bangalore With our Huge manufacturing facility we are able to help third parties in the manufacturing needs as and when required. Our machinery is world-class and we are bound to give a wow factor to the home of Bangalore.

Magnon offers an exclusive, yet very personal service. Suma and her team create a seamless journey from concept through to completion, always aiming to exceed expectations. Magnon Home Interiors in Bangalore combines exacting standards with warmth and informality which makes the whole process enjoyable and rewarding.

An extensive selection of the Magnon furniture, fittings, and fabric can be viewed at all our showrooms in Bangalore. Offering bespoke and luxury design, the range is designed with Magnon signature style, combining classic influences with a contemporary edge.

Are You Looking For Interior Designers In Bangalore?

Magnon Interior Design Studio in Bangalore comprises a talented team of professionals with diverse skills ranging from Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Graphics, and Project Management; their experience and passion for luxury design are visible in every element of every project, from conception to installation. The work we are doing and in the past have given our clients confidence that Magnon can deliver world-class products at a very competitive price and with no compromise on quality standards.

We are Bangalore-based interior designers near me, Magnon Design team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the luxury interior, our core team has worked in both the luxury residential and commercial interior sectors across India for over twenty years plus. We have the competitive edge over others in the marketplace

Magnon will create a space that is ultimately beautiful, supremely functional and a true reflection of each client’s needs and aspirations and that’s the signature of Team Magnon!


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