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Modular Kitchen

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Modular Kitchen Designs in Bangalore

Magnon Aspirational Affordable Kitchens!


It’s Either Magnon Or A Standard Kitchen


L Kitchen Matt Finish


White Cream L Shaped Modular Kitchen


U Shaped Modular Kitchen Brown


L Shaped Kitchen Woody Grains


Straight Kitchen Solid Wood


Wooden Textured L Shaped Kitchen


A kitchen room is considered as the heart of the home by people. Traditionally kitchens are slowly being replaced by elegant looking and awesomely designed modular kitchens. The main reasons for this are effective space utilization, nicely finished materials, quick installation, ease of cleaning and several other features offered by modular kitchens. These kitchens really make the cooking experience joyful and enthusiastic. Being sleek, versatile and efficient; modular kitchens can transform your kitchen room into a great place. Modular kitchens are made up of small boxes or units which are then assembled in the kitchen room with aesthetic designs and pleasant arrangements. Due to the number of advantages offered by them, nowadays modular kitchen is making their presence in almost all houses. Magnon India is one of the major modular kitchen companies in Bangalore. We can completely redesign and remodel your kitchen area into highly attractive and fascinating one that can make you feel good about your kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Manufacturers in Bangalore

Magnon India is one of the most reckoned names in the area of modular kitchens, wardrobes, and modular furniture. Over the last few years, we have successfully transformed many ordinary kitchens to modern modular kitchens in Bangalore. We are the professionals in design, development, and installations of modular kitchens and accessories. We have the wide spectrum of products to suit your design expectancies and budget. Made of high-quality raw materials our products are acclaimed for its long life and customization. Serves the field since long, we are regarded as one of the most prominent modular kitchen suppliers in Bangalore.

The right blend of aesthetics & ergonomics for your home and kitchen. World Class top quality hardware is used to furnish your Kitchen & Home.


  • Customization – designs to fit your needs and suit your tastes
  • Free help in planning from experienced interior designers
  • 3D modeling to help you visualize before you finalize
  • Delivery in four to six weeks – if we don’t make it, we owe you a penalty!
  • One-year warranty period on all manufactures
  • After-sales services – yes, they exist!

Customer Says

There are kitchens… and then there are modular ones.”

Fashionably Functional !!!
Do you have outdated Kitchens? May it be a new furnishing need or desire to be remodelled, we provide you the most logical and affordable ideas to redefine your kitchen space.
Decluttering an open shelf mess with a tidy grid, storage ideas for cabinets beyond your reach for food processors that your never use, hooked shelving for cookware and cups, a well lit kitchen with plenty of free counter space, A pull out pantry were everything is easy to find, playing with drawers, getting creative with them, saving floor space for some stools maybe, to zone out a small space for kitchen decor…and much more.
Come, repurpose everything, contain everything and make your cooking hazard-free & stress-free…adding spice to your life and food.

No doubt, nearly every pre-defined villa, apartment and a condominium that’s being sold to the general public comes these days with a pre-installed kitchen and similar cabinets. That’s because most kitchenette designers come up with the most widely used concepts and commonly accepted thumb of rule to use only so many shades of hue and traditional cabinetry.


The process is much faster for them and it’s a one-time design that is implemented a plethora times. And all most every time the design is taken off from a designers’ manual that’s carried around by most interior designers. Nothing is custom made as per any tenants’ desire.

But that’s where we come in! Creativity is what has gotten us here and is what keeps us going. Our custom made, creatively designed, smooth finished and well installed modular kitchens are that of the Holy Grail in the industry. It’s what we are known for.


You can either settle for a standard kitchen or have a Modular kitchenette by Magnon! The choice is yours