Living Room Storage Cabinet Ideas

Does your living room storage look chaotic? living room interior design in Bangalore, Keep your living room clutter free with storage that is handsome as well as handy.

Cabinet ideas and combinations are limited only by your imagination. Storage doesn’t just need to be functional; you could use it to give your room a whole new focal point. Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall shelving filled with books, framed family photographs and your favourite home accessories will create a striking feature. If you’d prefer storage to take a back seat, make use of alcoves. Create subtle, built-in units and paint them in the same shade as the walls so that they blend in.

Cabinet ideas would include- wall-filled with shelves, Glass door cabinets, free-standing cabinets that can move with your layout, smart use of space below windows seating cabinet or for that matter a vintage box that acts as a centre piece too, concealed storage, high peripheral cabinets, under staircases storage etc. If you prefer a contemporary look to your living room, then smart storage furniture ideas are essential. Wall mounted units are a good option to maximize on floor space too. When selecting wall-hung pieces, modular designs are versatile, allow for multiple arrangements and categorical storage.

Console cabinets, storage benches, Ottomans, Skirted tables are yet another few ideas. A tidy space helps to create a tidy mind and calming atmosphere. Stylish storage solutions in your living room are important for us too. Make the most of the space with Magnon. Think outside the Box!