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Living Room

Living Room Interior Design Bangalore

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The contemporary living room is decorated with simplicity in mind. A contemporary space will have great lines featured in many aspects of the design and modern lighting fixtures placed creatively, to give the room a modern feel. Follow our decorating tips for a great living room.

Built-in Storage

One great way to not only save space but also evoke a contemporary design is to build a shelving and storage unit using a combination of symmetrical or asymmetrical rectangles and squares.


To bring contemporary lighting into a room requires you to get creative. There are many spectacular contemporary lighting pieces to be found. Lighting with clean lines as well as impeccable design is what you are aiming for. As lighting is able to dictate the feel of the room, it may be a good idea to choose which lighting styles, lamps and installed fixtures you wish to use in the room before you begin to design much else. Contemporary lighting pieces tend to have a lot of personality and strength.


When it comes to seating, you can be as extreme or subtle as you like. Many contemporary living rooms feature couches that are simple, stylish and comfortable. Try to keep the couch a bold color, as this serves as a sort of base in the room in terms of color.

Art and Walls

Bold lines are a huge part of contemporary design. Keep this in mind when you are decorating your living room. You can recreate a contemporary living space by painting the wall one color and installing identical wood frames right onto the wall. You can also arrange artwork in symmetrical lines similar to this design to add strong lines as well as interesting pieces of art to your space.

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