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Everyone aspires to make a home of their dreams, a home that is a class in itself, an extension of your persona and likes. It is beyond the bounds of possibility to fulfill this dream without a kitchen that should be a perfect addition to the entire prospect of a home. Magnon India can lend you a helping hand in this, particularly if you are looking for stylish, contemporary modular kitchens in Bangalore.

We at Magnon feel the pulse of the various needs of its customers and customize what we call ‘total Kitchen Solutions’. Our primary concern is and always will be the absolute satisfaction of our customers and we are amenable to your valuable suggestions to ensure absolute contentment of our customers.

Space management is a crucial factor in reference to kitchen. It has to be user friendly with a lot of space for the user to move around the kitchen. We are cognizant of the discomfort a kitchen with subpar space management can generate. Hence, we treat it with utmost seriousness and we make it a point to see that kitchen possess ample space to enhance the comfort level.

Magnon India ushers in a new era in the furnishing industry with their innovative and in-vogue products and alliances. Magnon proffers incredibly extensive possibilities as far as modular kitchens are concerned. In lieu of conforming to conventional designs, we strive hard to come up with smart and innovative ideas/kichen solutions that make apt usage of space and accentuate the ambience. We have an incessant desire to commit ourselves to latest trends in quality and fashion; we therefore constantly update and remodel our products correspondingly.

We have an unadulterated aversion for erroneous claims and fraudulent promises. We invest our confidence in execution rather than in words.

Shreya Bhat


My role is to evaluate and design interior living and work spaces to make them functional, appealing

Umesh Gowda

Factory Manager

Ship Products as per the design to the installation site and most important to adhere to quality standards

Deepak Singh

Installation Manager

My job is to see my team installs at site as per the specification and make customers happy

Mohan Prasad

Research Manager

My job demands me to innovate new trends in Modular Kitchen & Home interiors

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